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COPD Diagnosis

Hello to everyone.

My partner has recently been diagnosed with COPD, the extent of which is still to be established.

I/we would like to connect with as many fellow sufferers (for want of a better term) to share advice, help, information and support.

I/we look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.

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moderate severe here. check in often. quit smoking if you haven't though we don't judge. exercise as much as you can, eat well, stay positive. Avoid depression cuz it aint helping anything, but laughter will. welcome!

ps-ignore typos. :)

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Check this site if you can.

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Make sure you are under pulmonary care, they are the ones who know this disease inside and out. Drink lots of water this keeps the mucus thinned out and as someone else said exercise as much as you can. i have found blowing bubbles helps me out.


Mild emphysema and prior lung cancer patient here, you have already gotten some very good advice. Eat well, exercise as tolerated, lots of water. Find a good pulmonologist (if you haven't already) and hold on to him/her with both hands because a good one is hard to find. If you smoke, try to quit and keep trying till you succeed. Take any medicine/inhalers the doc has you on even if you feel that you don't need them.


Hey my lovely I’m Julie still awaiting diagnosis but kinda know the answer I’m in beginning stages and 60


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