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A little curious

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My oxygen level is in the 90s, but am feeling exhausted and have shortness of breath. Preliminary test at primary dr. Said I have abnormal lungs and I go for a lung test on 2/7/17. Must admit I am a little anxious too because I have always had a fear of "what if I cannot breath?" I believe I had very nasty childhood experience that triggered that thought. Any feedback?

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Lungs can enlarge as they are forced to breathe through depleted airways. It's called Supra Normal. More akr is taken in but the O2 absorption is not efficient. It actually helps in the early stages.

Hipe it hepled you.

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Sandra1944 in reply to Darob63

What do you mean in the early stages it helps?

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Jkmm690 in reply to Sandra1944

Sandra 1944, I did not post that it was Darob63.❤

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Darob63 in reply to Sandra1944

Well, as the copd sets in and youre still active, still smoking, tje body compensates by working the lungs harder which causes them to expand. This helps initially because youre able.to bring in huge volumes of air. On a PFT this shows up as "volume 125% of projected. That makes us feel good because of all the air we pull in.

Later though and woth everyone, but a good number of people will have to have Lung Reduction Surgery because no matter how much we volume we can pull in, we cant absorb enough O2 to get full breaths.

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Linda47715 in reply to Darob63

I have heard of people getting a lung transplant. I am not sure what Lung Reduction surgery is unless the name explains it.

Lung volume reduction surgery removes up to one-third of a lung's dead emphysema sacs, thereby giving more room to expand the good parts.

If you google it you can actually see video of the procedure.

Another thing that those dead air sacs does is limit the room for your stomach to expand, so you eat less because you can't put anymore into it. I've lost weight because of that. In order to maintain my current weight I eat like a cow.... grazing all day long.

Wow! No issue like that here. I do not struggle to keep my weight in, but just the opposite.😩

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Jkmm690 in reply to Darob63

Very interesting. Thanks

With Copd I think we all think about going out without get air to breathe. If you can and some time I can and some time I can not stay in the moment.

Hope your test come out good.

I had bronical spasms that put me in the hospital. It was terrible. I was fighting to breath. Never want that to happen again. Doctor said Alieve caused it. He said people with COPD should take that type of medicine. Only Tylenol. Since than I think about my breathing a lot more.....fear of lack of oxygen

Having shortness of breath can surely cause fatique. Hopefully your doctor prescribed an inhalant. If not , I'd call & let him know your symptoms. I'll be praying for you to get good results.

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Jkmm690 in reply to joyful4u

Dear Joyful 4 u. Thanks for your info. I take my first test on the 7th and then have to wait about another month to see the dr.

It is my understanding that the oxygen levels shown on an Oxymeter show how well your oxygen is absorbed throughout your body. The pulse rate shows how hard your heart is working. I could be wrong.

My readings show me just fine if I'm just sitting around, but when I move around my oxygen level decreases a tiny bit, but my pulse rate jumps way up.

Thanks Vinnie the snake. I guess I have all this stuff to learn yet. I have had shortness of breath for quite a while. Thought maybe it was because I gained a bit of weight. So all I have had done so far is to blow into a spirometer a few times and my primary said you have abnormal lungs. I will refer you to a lung dr. I go on 2/07 to get tested at the lung dr. Then have to wait another month to actually see the dr. Himself. Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it.

I'm the same way, used to work on fishing boats, now just lifting a 2 gal fuel container for a distance jumps up my heart rate. I strive to slow my pace to avoid rapid heart rate,,,that's a new,challenge when you have worked physical, fast paced jobs your entire life ! But I'm workin' on it !😊

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Jkmm690 in reply to H2o1511

I have always been busy busy and on my feet at a running pace since I can remember. But now at 71 I have to give in to a much slower pace and many rest periods. I have to pick my priorities too. Oh well, this body has served me well for 71 years now. Why should I complain?

You're welcome.

So you do have COPD?

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Jkmm690 in reply to Sandra1944

Don't know for sure til after the tests and then a month before the dr. Can see me. The test is scheduled for next Monday.

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Snop67 in reply to Jkmm690

The tech that does the tests wiii usually answer your questions! It can't hurt to ask . Good Luck

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Jkmm690 in reply to Snop67

I thought they were not allowed to answer questions about the test.

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Snop67 in reply to Jkmm690

I think that techs in pulmonary functions are more apt to answer you questions They told me my functions the 3 times I had tests done . Different techs each time! Maybe I was just lucky

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Jkmm690 in reply to Snop67

Thanks for your input.😀

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Lindabelle in reply to Snop67

Yes, you were just lucky. I also asked the techs, nope can't say. Had to wait 3 weeks to get the results form the Dr. It's the way of the world of medical care. I live in New York. Might have something to do with it.

I think we who have COPD will always have the feeling of dying that way. Well I do also, should not say all of us.

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Jkmm690 in reply to Sandra1944

Thank you Sondra 1944

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Jkmm690 in reply to Jkmm690

Oops! Sandra, not Sondra. 😍

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Acstal in reply to Jkmm690

Good day, being anxious is not uncommon since you have never experienced these conditions, it is easy to get into a panic state. Although easier said than done, just relax until you get ALL of the information regarding your condition. I had to learn how to stay out of my head and the future. My Pulmonologist told me that getting anxious or worrying make the symptoms worse. There are breathing techniques that will help you regain your breath. I also use the American Lung Association "Team Inspire" website as another resource to educate me. "Keep Calm and Breath"

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Jkmm690 in reply to Acstal

Thanks for the advice and encouragement

Its perfectly normal to feel scared think we all have remember doctors are there when your having tests so youll be safe and hopefully get right treatment

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