Hi everyone a damp day in Essex please could I have some advise for the last three days i have had awful indigestion even though i am on omoprazole I don't know what to do i have gone from two pillows to three but again I couldn't settle last night due to pain l have had a bad cough so I thought l might have strained my chest but trying to eat a sandwich just now was agony big hug x

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  • Try Gaviscon I have had all of these pills they give you but I still find Gaviscon helps more xx

  • Me also!

  • I agree with shadow4me, try Gaviscon. Even works when you are lying down. But maybe also let your doctor know that you are having an issue with indigestion. It sounds to me like you need to get checked out, make sure there are no new issues, maybe increase your dosage?

  • I have recently had bouts of indigestion. Mixed almost a teaspoon of baking soda with a few ounces of water and received almost immediate help (burps bringing up the gas). Most if not all otc remedies have baking soda in them. Hope it helps you.

  • I do a mixture of baking soda and warm water drink it down...helps tremendously

  • I take prilosec daily acid reflux contributes to copd.

  • Try swallowing your own spittall it works lol jonnyboy

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