Does anyone in this group use Daliresp (or roflumilast)? If so, what side effects have you experienced and do you feel it has helped ward off flare-ups? Just prescribed this and concerned about the long list of side effects, even tho I know that all possibilities, even remote, are listed. Also why are lung medications SO much more expensive other meds, such as blood pressure, calcium channel blockers, etc.

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  • I have used Daliresp for over a year. No side effects, but I don't know how effective it is. I had no exacerbations, but recently developed RSV. It's a virus children usually get.

  • Just issued TX yesterday. Waiting for pulmonologist write letter to ins co. to add to farmicary. About $350 mo after I go into donut hole early in

    June. Like you, I am not trusting after reading bad side effects inc thoughts of suicide. Just about as soon never take. I'm in 3rd step. Where are you?

  • Try Canadian pharmacy on line better price and no donut hole.

  • I have been on it for 9 months. Some diarrhea but that is it. I applied with mfg and getting it free for right now.

  • I have been on it for over a year, in the beginning it gave me diarrhea but that stopped as soon as the body got used to it. Doctor told me its like Theophylline but it doesn't effect the heart like theophylline does. I can see a difference with my breathing since being on it.

  • In the pivotal clinical trials, risk of a significant adverse event related to nausea, wt gain or diarrhea was between 65-82%. The drug has a greater risk of causing side effects than providing benefit; it does not improve breathing symptoms or lung function but only may marginally reduce what is called "exacerbation rate". Overall, it is questionable as to how this drug was every approved based upon its side effect risks

  • Never heard of it and Rx is really going thru the roof and your right inhaler ae the worse.

  • Try Canadian pharmacy on line. Heard its $109 a month or $300 for three months. Need a script . They are easy to work with.

    My husband is new to Daliresp but we hold out high hopes for it. he has a history of flares and they last for months

  • I have been using Daliresp for years, it does help some. I haven't had any side effects except a dry mouth.

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