Rapid heart rate

Hi everyone 😊

I was just put on Advair which my insurance would not cover. I took the alternative of taking 220mcg Flovent

( corticosteroid) and 50mcg Severent

( salmeterol). These meds made a miraculous positive difference, was using rescue inhaler several times a day, now only 1- 2 times.

PFT shows I have 31% lung function. As much as I am so happy with the changes my heart rate goes sky high with minimal exertion. It lowers rapidly yet is pretty scary to jump up to high 120's.

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

Thanks and wishing everyone a lovely evening !

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  • When I was hospitalized in the Fall, that happened to me. As soon as I stood, it happened. It rose as I walked. It went to 135 but I'd sit when it reached that high. I think it was the prednesone because it stopped when I finished taking it. I'll be praying this subsides for you.

  • Thank you so much,,,I've been on prednisone a few times and fortunately did not have this reaction. The obky major change was adding the Severent. I will see a pulmo hopefully next month, we have none where I live,,sure hope I can get a,hand me on it.

    Again thanks for the response 😊

  • Yes. That is the problem I have. My heart rate goes sky high (130's) upon any exertion... I'm thinking I need more exercise.

  • I think walking would do you good. It's worth the try. Let us know. Terri

  • Thanks for your comments,,I believe I do need a structured exercise plan. I live in Alaska off grid so I have numerous chores that are quite laborious, however this winter with the cold I've been limited to out side activities. I tried to plug in to a rehab program in Washington but it was 36 months, anyone have any ideas on how high we need to keep our heart rate up and for how long during exercise?

  • yes, my rate can go to 115 just sitting and 135 with exertion. My Dr said it is all part of copd. Pursed lip breathing slowly brings it down quickly

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