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Hello Patricia7 here. Good Afternoon to you all. I wanted to let you know that I had my PIP assessment last Thursday the 23rd of February. The assessor was very nice, took approx 50 minutes. I was told it could take approx 5 weeks to hear back. It is done now. I would like your opinion/s please. I have read on this site re using a breathing device, to help my lungs. I go to the gym. I am breathless all the time now, it might not be severe enough to go to see my G.P. I am not coughing up anything; I have to stop again and again now when walking . I have moderate copd, on x2 inhalers. Is there anything else I can do to increase my lung function please? I am 52 years old. I am on my own, no husband or children. I suffer with manic-depression and I am on medication. Physically , I get very tired after doing anything . I have been to pulmonary rehabilitation, which I found quite upsetting because of seeing other patients out of breath. Because of me having smoked for 28 years, I feel quite low in that regard because of smoking I have damaged my lungs and it is something I have caused myself. Some people are not at all kind when it comes to copd, when I have struggled to go up stairs in a hospital, some people health professionals have been nasty. re me being slow going up the stairs. I have tried balloons. I do not cough. I would welcome your suggestions. Thank you very much. Patricia7

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  • Hi

    Firstly you need to no you limitations, you will come to no harm being breathless. You have to work out what you can do, when to rest and for how long.

    Exercise is the best thing but only if it is geared to you and your condition, hence pulmonary rehablitation which is tailored to you.

    Three breathing techniques to learn.

    Pursed lip breathing, in through nose for 4 seconds hold for 2 seconds exhale for 6 seconds through pursed lips, like you are whistling.

    Diaphragm breathing, place hand on stomach breath out pushing your stomach and hand out. Breath in letting you stomach come in.

    Blow and go.stop to breath in .Exhale to perform a task.

  • Patricia,

    No one has a right to judge us or anyone for that matter hold your head high don't get discouraged.

    Bless you!

  • If you have any extra weight Patricia, now is the time to focus on reducing it. I know too exactly what you're experiencing. 💝

  • yes we all know we caused it but we must keep going i would ask about my inhalers wight be not working and keep going to the gym do what you can !!!

  • I would see a Pul. Dr. and have your lungs e-rayed to see how they are doing. It might be some thing else.

  • Hi Patricia7,

    Kinda sound like you are "down in the dumps". Be of good courage. I had to learn how to get out of my head, and "doubt the doubt". I stopped questioning why, looking at what I did to contribute and to stay in the present, rather than projecting what the future has in store for me.

    Fear was a major factor in keeping me from pushing forward, it began to diminish when I started educating myself about COPD. I asked questions of my pulmonary care providers, signed up on COPD specific sites (American Lung Association's "Team inspire", COPD360action) and other people familiar with the condition.

    I had to overcome how people "looked" at me, comments made and general self consciousness. I now look at the "slights" as that people are not knowledgeable, other wise, they would be understanding, if not, bunk them. By the way, I smoked more years than you are old, and was diagnosed in 2013 after major surgery (who knew?) Avoid the comparison game, "I should be doing just as well as, or better than Sally because...". I will leave you with this quote that has helped me; "I once mourned because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet". All of these things were easier said than done. Blessings.

  • hi patricia im Robert had copd for 6 years now im also waiting for pip assessment im on 3 inhaillers and also get depressed so I no how u feel feel free to talk to me anytime love ok robert

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