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Five Tibetan Rites - benefits to lungs

The Five Tibetan Rites are well known and practiced by many, including myself. I have been doing them on and off for many years now. I think they are one reason I am still able to breathe well.

I used to moderate a forum on the Rites at Yahoo Groups. Well, I still do, but Facebook gets most of the action these days. Anyway, we had a member named Mary, whose lungs had been very damaged by the chemicals in carpeting. She sued the carpet company and won. The Rites were one of the things she practiced to help her health and lungs and she said they were the most helpful. This is a good page on the Rites, with pics and instructions:

And this book is very much worth getting:

Pasting in a couple of Mary's posts:

My name is Mary. I am 58 years old. Until about 2 years ago, I was

very healthy....having spent 15 years focusing on nutrition, etc.

Then, 2 years ago, we installed new carpeting. It was defective and

off-gassed chemicals which destroyed my lungs. I got very sick

before anyone realized that the carpet was the problem. Now my lungs

have very little elasticity and many air sacs have been destroyed. I

have both restrictive and obstructive lung disease. I am on

supplemental oxygen 24/7.

At first, after my open lung biopsy (3/2003) revealed the full extent

of the damage to my lungs, I wanted to die. After all...what quality

of life could I expect for my future? However, after several months,

I decided to do some tai chi and yoga (breathing) to minimize the

lung pain and coughing that I lived with every day. After about 6

mos., I decided to try doing some weight training to re-build lean

muscle in the hopes that this would help my lungs expand and contract

more easily. No matter how hard I tried, I could not lift more than

4 pounds without severe lung pain. So I finally gave up. Then,

about a year after my surgery, I learned about the Tibetan Rites. I

bought the books and began. Progress was very slow. After 4 mos, I

could only do 10 of each rite. For every two steps forward, I had to

take one step back. However, I did make progress and could tell that

my body was 'changing' even though I could not do more than 10. I

was finally able to try weight training again. I can now lift up to

10#s. My lungs do not hurt in the morning. I have more stamina and

endurance. I can even do a few push-ups! But most importantly, my 02

diffusion has increased from 32% to 47%! Also, the capacity of my

lungs to contract has improved by 20%!. This means I can release

more C02 from my lungs!

When I began doing my weight training in earnest, I did have to stop

the rites until I could master the weight training. (I can do only

about 1 hour of intense physical exercise a day. If I do more, my

lungs suffer and I can do nothing for several days. Therefore, I am

learning to 'build up' slowly and steadily.) My doctors are amazed

and say they rarely see someone who was so close to death improve as

I have. Of course, they assume it is only a matter of time before I

begin a downward spiral. I am trying to prove them wrong. I don't

care how long I live as long as I have a decent quality of life until

I die.

Someone asked, in a former post, if something was being overlooked as

the individual did not feel the rites were bringing 'miracles' to

pass. The answer is 'yes' and 'no'.

The Tibetan monks did not live to be 120 ONLY because they did the

rites. The rites were only a part of a total lifestyle which would

have also included diet and spiritual beliefs..which included

personal pondering/meditation. It would also have included a SIMPLE

approach to life. In my youth, I was a nun. There were many very

old nuns in my community. It was not uncommon for an 80 year old nun

to look 50!!!! Why...not because they did yoga or the Tibetan

rites. They didn't. Not because they were vegetarian...because they

weren't. Not because they meditated....although they did. It was

the SIMPLICITY and CALMNESS with which they approached life BECAUSE

of their personal beliefs.

What did the rites do for me? I believe that they gave me HOPE. I

could feel my body strengthn as I was able to increase the number of

times I did each rites. I noticed that each of the rites exercised

my lungs in a different manner. I have come to the personal

conclusion that the monks chose these specific yoga asanas precisely

for their impact on the lungs and oxygenation of the body! After

all, they lived at a very high altitude where the atmosphere would

have been very thin (low in 02). I believe the exercises helped my

lungs relearn how to expand and contract enough so that I could

finally lift weights and begin rebuilding lean muscle.

When I began the rites (5/2004), I needed about 14-16 hours of sleep

daily. I now need only 10-12 hours of sleep. I could not do any

push-ups. Now I can do about 5 in a row. I could not lift more than

4# weights. Now I can lift 10# weights. I could not be physically

active more than 3 hours per day. Today I prepared (by myself) a

large Christmas dinner for 10 people which I then cleaned up (almost

by myself). My day began at 8:30 am and I am typing this at 11:30pm

without having taken a nap all day...of course, I will be very tired


Now that I have learned yoga, have mastered the basics of weight

training (hand weights), and know the rites, I am in the process of

making an exercise program that incorporates all three of these. I

have also begun making drastic dietary changes. (I have a PHD in

holistic nutrition.) I may not live as long as I might have had my

lungs not been damaged least I now have some control over

the quality of my life. IMHO, the monks did not do these rites in

order to live to 120+ but to improve the quality of their life at

such a high altitude. I can use them to bring about the benefit in

my life.


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Thank you for posting this. I've been trying to figure out what exercises i should do. This looks perfect!

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They are perfect IMO! The only exercise routine I've been able to keep up with, aside from outdoors walking and a few other yoga postures. Going to do them now :)

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Lovely, uplifting post,,,thank you,,,,,


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Hope you give them a try!


I will!

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Such great information, found several cd's on Amazon, only a few available, also found the books 1&2.

There are websites offering free downloads of the positions, think I'll try one of them.

Very excited about this ! Thank you

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Welcome! I'm hooked on them myself, they really do help. The Rites along with the high nucleic acid diet help keep us looking and feeling young!

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