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Have I done anything to upset people

Sorry if I am being annoying not heard from any of my posts today and was wondering if I've upset the community somehow if I have I apologise I know I'm very emotional just now and certainly don't mean to upset anyone in any way and wish only the best for people.If I've done something wrong can someone please tell me so I don't accidentally do it again.All the best to everyone.

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As far as I am concerned your fine, just keep put up what you need if I can help I will.

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No I don't believe you upset anyone! It's probably your depression that's affecting you. I'm constantly thinking I upset people.


Sjm2020, I have not read any of your posts, but, if you have not heard from anyone, I would think you have not upset anyone. Am sure you would of heard by now. Sometimes one is not always on the computer, maybe unwell, or just has nothing to say. Keep on posting, you will hear from many I'm sure. God Bless and easy breathing.


You did nothing people are just not on.

When I post it takes days sometimes to get a response


Don't worry, say what you need to say..that's what the groups are for. No judgment as far as I'm concerned, I haven't been on her for weeks. Life gets busy. Stay strong


I do not always get replies to my posts. Sometimes it just helps me to put things into words.


Say what you need to say,we are here❤🙏trying to help or listen.


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