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Retired and as active as I can be with COPD

Hi ,

I am Mike aged 81 who has had an interesting and varied life.Lucky to work at something i wanted to do and got paid for it.I spent the first 18 years of my life as a Photographer and at 32 went back to school and qualified as a Social worker.The last twenty years was spent as a member on an elderly mental health team.I was approved under the mental health act. Married in 1960 we had two sons.

A true Yorkshireman by birth James Herriot looked after our cats and dogs.

I used to fish for trout and since retirement I have been self indulgment making and flying model aircraft.

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Hi Mike. Welcome to the site. Seems a little quiet on here? I don't visit that often but use the BLF forum almost daily. It has a much livelier membership!

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Many thanks Toci for the welcome and advice

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