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I have been diagnosed with mild copd ,I quit smoking and lost about 30 pounds . My next test was actually better, improved . I can't seem to give up the e-cig . My fiancé says the vape will kill me .i take rulers 2puffs twice a day and try to eat a healthy diet. I'm scared of how long till I deteriorate. I love to hike and be outdoors . I'm 58 and don't know what to expect in 10 yrs . Anyone have any feedback?

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Stop Now!


Hi Bigdan556, this effects each one differently, stay active for as long as you can, this will keep the lungs strong, make sure you are drinking lots of water, wash your hands often.

I have to agree with your fiance, you do need to stop vape, talk with your doctor and see if there is anything out there that he can give you to help with this. From what I have read about vape it's really not good for the lungs, I understand you can get more infections from it then you would otherwise. I maybe wrong on this,

Just take it one day at time, sounds like you are doing everything right except the vape.


I vape also. Its cuts down my smoking alot. They use the vaping in other countries to quit smoking. I dont think the information on vaping is correct in alot of a articles. You really have to read on it. I think its safe. The ciggerette companies want the money from the vapors. And the ciggarette companies dont want you to quit smoking. From what ive read the vaping doesnt hurt you simply because the pen isnt burning strong enouph. Its not putting out enough to hurt you. The new york times and the rollin stone has good articles on vaping.

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