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I am new year so here goes I am a amputee in a wheel chair and also have end stage COPD and Asthma and enthasima my doctor says there is no more they can do for me I am on oxygen 24/7 and nebulizer treatments all day I stop going out because I seem to have attacks that sometimes are very bad they scare my husband I am 70 yrs old and because of my age I am not able to get a lung transplant or anything like that

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  • Hi corkie65; Welcome, first and for more most "Don't Give Up" like your doctor has. It's time for you to find a new doctor and get a second opinion, maybe you just need medicine there are plenty of new drugs on market for the doctor to choose from and we have to go through several before we find the right one for us. Always make sure you carry a rescue inhaler with you. I'm on 3 different inhalers, two of them I take twice a day, plus I have nebulizer if I need it. Do you have a cortisteriod inhaler and a long acting inhaler on board?

    Hang in there and keep us posted on how your doing. We are here to help each other.

  • Hi Lorbic

    this is my third doctor yes I only use Nebulizers now I carry a portable with me no matter where I go I take budesidine & brovanar I take them morn & nite then I am on a duel Neb every 6 hours and I use albuterol in between and this is just to make it threw the day those are all in my Nebulizer because the standard in hales no longer work then of course they gave me a lot of pills to help with my breathing I also talk to the doctors about all those different surgery but I am to old and to unhealthy for any of that they told me it seems I keep running into a brick wall I wanted to find out if anyone has tried that stem cell for you lungs I no its not approved yet but wonder if anyone went threw the trails

    do you have COPD and how do you deal with it do you ever get depressed have you tried other doctors and what have they said about you its nice to talk with someone that understands what goes on thanks for getting back to me

  • Hi Corkie95, Yes I have COPD along with Heart Failure, pulmonary hypertension and Lupus. I saw many doctors in both pulmonary and cardio before I found the best ones for me. I find that some either have more training or have a real interest in making their patients lives easier. I take Combivent Respimat (which is the mist inhaler) and is my rescue inhaler, it has two meds in one inhaler. Dulera, Tudorza Pressair and Daliresp for copd. I'm also on heart meds which I have found are helping my copd also, don't know if they should be and I really don't care as long as they work. For the lupus I take a drug that depresses the immune system, that is why I have to be so careful about getting infections. During the winter months my pulmonary doctor puts me on a daily dose of Azithromycin to keep the infections and flare ups down. I also am I contunious oxygen. I try to go for a walk 3 days a week, doctor wants me to walk 45 minutes each time and I drink a lot of water and I'm on a no salt diet. For fluid I take Spironolactone and Torsemide. On my good days I make the most of them and when I feel a flare up coming on I take it easy.

    I don't know anything about stem cell, I have seem some articles on it.

    Hope your having a good day

  • you sound like me I also have had most of my stomach remove due to blood clots and I have a vascular problem that's why I lost one of my legs and they are trying to save the other my doctor say the only thing good on me is my heart I am crossing my fingers it stay that way I also take some of the meds you take for fluids but they don't help much I wish I could get out and walk I sure miss that do you live where it is warm I was watching the weather today and it is calling for possible snow I am hoping we don't get it well time for a treatment its so nice to talk to some one that understand what I am going threw you are so positive how do you do that well have a nice week

  • I live in NH and right now we are having nice weather, but I know winter isn't far away. When it's cold I won't be going out much and I don't drive in the winter. cold air kills my lungs.

  • I live in Northern Wi we boarder Mich and Wi the weather is ok for now but they said by Sat we could see a little snow I don't go out at all any more only to go to the doctor I know what you mean about the cold air and the lungs it scares the heck out of me but I don't do good in hot weather either its nice around 60 degrees I live on 6 acres of land I bought it when I could go out for walks about 15 years ago I told my husband we need to move back to the city but I really love it here but all the good doctor and hospitals are in the city

  • Don't give up you never know...when I first started oxygen I was depressed lost my appetite, couldn't sleep said I will never go outside again if I have to use oxygen.....after 2weeks changed my mind I will go out with it if I have too!

  • What is impossible for man is not impossible for God. Corkie65, I am praying for you.🙏

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