Do you all have your DNR and Living Will done? I have the DNR but I'm struggling with the Living Will and the doctor is wanting me to get this done. I have a friend who has offered to be the 1st name on the Living Will, but if I put her and not my husband all hell will break loose. I know it should be his name but I not sure he will or can follow my orders. Looking for advice on what to do.

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  • Me and my husband have my son but on a will on living will u can do a power of attorney we did and son is on it as well

  • here is an idea ... do what you think and feel is the appropriate thing to do

  • I have both of mine done the DNR and living will. I do not think you and your friend have to tell him about it. Then after it he can not get mad any more. Well he can but you will not know.