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Completely Off Supplemental 02 for a Year ;)


To share hope at a time when so many of us need it... I've been at end stage emphysema for many years now. After having to use supplemental 02 for two years, I was able to go completely off it for what will be a year 06/06/20 ;) Exercise, nutrition and stubbornness to battle and win are what did it for me. Recently beat and killed my breast cancer 02/19/20 with Cryoablation. Never give up. Prayers to all to Stay Safe!

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Hi can you beat emysemia I thought you have it for life?

ijmorris in reply to CLARAmay

You can slow progression and improve your FEV1. I'm proof of that and I've met others. Exercise has to be daily - 30 - 45 minutes. Walking is fine Claramay.

CLARAmay in reply to ijmorris

Please please can you give me more info this out of breath kills me sometimes especially climbing up hill orstairs

Well done I'm trying to get off ambulatory oxygen. Have a good night and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

I am so thankful you beat breast cancer, and you got off supplement oxygen, Jesus is good and you stubbornness and hard work paid off!

I have been on supplemental oxygen for over a little over two years now. I have severe stage 4 copd. I have good days, and bad. I didn’t know anything about copd, until I was diagnosed with it, then reading severe end of stage 4, gosh that just scared me. I have been doing a lot of research, reading these blogs, have really help me. I just got of bed I had an flare up of copd, I had to get back on a antibiotic, and prednisone. I know the prednisone isn’t good for my bones, but breathing is more important, I am on Trelegy, nebulizer, and rescue inhaler.

I try and get out as much as possible, I go to doctors appointments, or I go to the grocery store. I have to try and do these things on my on, just to feel like I am human. It is hard some times, when I do get home I am worn out! I am determined to beat this copd, or at least improve it some. Congratulations to you!

Congrats to you! Keep up the positive attitude.

Jesus had his hand on you! Wow what a miracle, and I am sure the hard work and stubbornness helped also!

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