Hi - My name is Mary and I was diagnosed with COPD in 2005. In between those awful exacerbations we have to suffer from with this condition I try to keep myself pretty fit. From 2005 I have gone to the gym at least once a week, play eitherTable tennis, Badminton and/or Tennis once a week. I got rid of my car and walk as much as I can. Up until January this year I kept myself positive even when I was laid u!. Then, 'they' changed my maintenance inhaler in February to a 'cheaper' version (can't remember what that was just now). I was on Symbicort 400 twice a day (for over 7years and never had a [problem with it) and, I only ever needed to use once in morning. Since that change I have also tried non-corticosteroids like Spiriva and Eklira but in the end they were not working for me. Throughout this 'messing about time' (Feb - May '16) I can't tell you how bad I have felt. I have had one thing after another including ear infections, throat feeling constantly sore, UTI, to the dreaded rescue pack of Steriods/Anti Bi for chest infections. The coughing has been the worse. Anyway, enough is enough (I thought) nobody knows my body like me so, a month ago I went back to the Dr and asked to be put back on Symbicort 400. Now I'm feeling much like my old self I don't even need to use the rescue inhaler, hopefully all the infections I have had since 'swopping and trying out' new inhalers will be less frequent. The moral of my story is 'If it ain't broke,don't fix it!'. ps - Just to let you know I have bought the Aerosure Medic device, only been using for two weeks, 5 mins a day. Will keep you informed of my progress with it. Has anyone else got this device, if so how are you finding it? Is it helping you? Remember if you do go to buy claim the VAT back on it. . Bought mine online at Lloyds pharmacy for £149 - 20% VAT which worked out about £124 aprox. Love hear from anyone, with advice, tips and jokes lol. Cheers MM

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  • @PteW43...welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with meds/inhalers. I too am now on Symbicort twice daily. I had been on Anoro Ellipta which really worked great but this year my Medicare insurance will not cover. I really miss the Anoro! It was relatively new on the market and considered to expensive. One inhalation daily and no rinsing your mouth after use. Question for you and please forgive my ignorance if this is something I should have been aware of. What is an Aerosure medic device? I never heard of that before. Take care and I wish you better breathing.

  • Hi Brapp thank you so much for the welcome. I gather you may live in the USA re insurance not covering meds, I live in the UK. I have never heard of Anoro Ellipta but nearly sure that if it's expensive they won't be forth coming with offering it to us either. Was it a corticosteroid inhaler? (your maintenance one). Will google that one.

    If you can, log into the British Lung Foundation and read about the Aerosure Medic. Or better still, just google the name and you will be able to read and decide if it's any use to you. Obviously reviews differ, at the end of the day we have to weigh up the pro's and con's for ourselves. I also knew two friends who had the device and for them it worked. I am now waiting to see how it works for me when I have a flare up! That's the time when it's very hard to get the 'gunk' (pardon the phase lol) up. My friends hubby says it really helps him. Although I am in no rush to start my rescue pack for a chest infection for the next say, 10 years lol... it's the only time I have a problem with my breathing, inbetween I do pretty well, considering! But, that's when I will be able to judge this device for myself. Will keep you posted. Have a good day, I'm off down to the gym for circuit training, it's a Heart n Lung exercise class, all around the same age group and it's FUN lol and that's what excercise should be about. Tea and tabnabs (cake) lol after. What the hec....... Take care.

  • What is aero sure?

  • What is a vat

  • Hi REWW and Theresa - please click on this link to read about Aerosure Medic. Theresa VAT in the UK stands for Value Added Tax, at the moment this is 20% which can be included or added to the price off certain goods and services. But, if you buy anything for your own personal use in relation to your 'chronic' health condition you can claim this (or have it deducted) back. Hope this info helps. Have a good day. It's pouring down here in the UK, no change there then I hear you say lol - Regards MM

  • I agree, you know your body. My husbands insurance company no longer allows Symbicot, so he was switched to Advair. He has had 3 bouts of pneumonia since being off symbicot. We may have to fight the insurance company to get back on it. Do your research and do what is right for you. Doctors are only PRACTICING medicine and need your help!!

  • Yes Mooseeagle I feel strongly that we do, Doctors can guide us with 'general' knowledge on our condiition but they are, as we know, GP's. Only a lung specialist has the answers we seek and our own instinct goes a hec of a long way. I hope your husband gets back on the med that works for him. I wish him well.

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