Frustrated newbie

Hi name is Lina from Indonesia. Currently I use temp ileostomy. Actually I don't have any disease. I got my ileostomy because of there was a fistula in my colon due to hysterectomy. I undergone 2 surgeries. First surgery is to sticth the fistula but after 7 days, I experienced bleeding for 3 days. So the doctor had to do the revised operation again and cut my 10 cm intestine and do the resection. I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. is already 1 month 5 days after I had my second surgery.

Sometimes I still have feces leak thru my vagina. Only small discharge but a few times. My doctor said it is ok...because I still have drainage. But I really worry because why the recovery takes so long. The doctor told me to be patience as long as no will healed completely.

Does anybody experience the same like mine?