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Skin care

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I have had my stoma for 5 weeks now and it's settled down nicely. I'm changing my colostomy bag twice a day and am finding that the skin on my tummy where the adhesive flanges stick is becoming sore and red with some signs of a rash starting. Applying cream seems to affect the 'stickiness' of the bag. How do others cope?

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Glad to hear you are coping well with your stoma. I use a barrier cream that still has a moisturising effect, even though it dries on the skin. You only use the tiniest amount. It takes longer to dry than a barrier spray, but you can apply it exactly where you need it. I got it from my bag supplier (Charter). Speak to your stoma nurse or your supplier. Charter have a helpline, and others probably do as well. Also, make sure you use an adhesive remover spray when changing your bag to prevent the skin being pulled. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

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Hi Numi, being a wimp I always use a adhesive remover spray. I also use a barrier wipe but I quite like the idea of a cream instead. Thanks for the tip.

I sit in my room with no bag on and let fresh air on my tummy and in the shower I dont were the bag I just wash the bath out after me hope your ok

Hi there

I`ve had my colostomy for 31 years, sa you can imagine my skin is getting rather frail , I am afraid I`don`t trust barrier creams, I use `adhesive remover spray". For the skin care use manuka honey, a small amount on the affected area, leave on for 10 seconds ,then wipe off , leaves no problem for adhesion

By choice I use a one piece If you have really bad problems, use a 2 piece "bag & base plate" .I have found that I can leave the base plate on for 2 to three days.

the p.h level in your skin can change ,especially if you get the flu or something troubling your health ,making adhesion a problem , so a choice of bag is a good idea.

I hope this helps


Hi, This is just my opinion and what works for me. So i use a finger tips worth of savlon. Its an anti septic cream that really helps heal my skin quick after soreness. You have to remember its only skin so you dont need to limit yourself to stoma base products. I'll take an extra couple minutes to rub it in and then finish off with a top layer of barrier spray, which i find helps to make the bag stick more effectively. But like others have said, everyone is different and you also need to find the right bag for you.

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Thanks. Like almost everything about suddenly becoming an ostomate the thing is to try things, a little at a time. My first thought was to use normal antiseptic cream but I worry about it affecting the adhesive quality of the bag. Guess I'll just have to give it a try.

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Absolutely. A lot of it is trial and error. Just do the trialing part when at home and not doing something with jerk stomach movements. Just use a tiny amount on the effected areas. Eventually you'll find something that works for you.

Hi Taztarr.

I have barrier wipes they are very gentle , you gently wipe round when you change your bag then let the ski n dry for a minute , I'm with Charter and get mine from them on prescription .

Hope that helps you

Ann xx

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Hi Ann, I have barrier wipes on prescription as well but sometimes the skin still grumbles. I imagine that after a while the skin will become more used to it.

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Yes be very gentle around the area, and I only use a bag now, no extra's like the tape extra.

Hope it improves .


Ann xx

Hi. It’s early days for you yet and trial and error! It took me quite some time using a variety of products before I found one that suited me. As time goes on you may find you may change your bag daily which may make a difference.

There is a company, may be Welland, that manufacture a bag where Manuka honey is incorporated into the flange that sticks to the body. I found this helped greatly in the beginning preventing soreness.

I now use a barrier cream available from Coloplast and which is excellent. It does not affect the seal sticking to the body, providing the correct amount is used.

Hope this helps!

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