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Surgery 12/1/18 starting my 4th week post op not coping too well. When can i expect the abdominal pain due distension and discomfort to ease. I have more bad days than good and the worst of all is distension just below my ribs its like wearing a very tight bra breathing is difficult and eating is only possible if i massage the tension downwards. The latter problem was present three weeks before surgery and the discomfort remains. I have sought medical help but no one has managed to offer me a solution or medication its worse than the surgery issues.

Is the there any one out there who can help me please.

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smaller in 13 hours It takes approx 6 months to settle but the pain will decrease over time. Take painkillers regular and if possible something stronger then paracetamol. Ask your GP if needed. You are looking at a good two years for everything to settle back to normal. Heavy duties are a no, no and even squatting is a problem. Bending is a problem. I bought two reachers to pick up objects which are a great help. September 2018 im five years down the line and still experience problems. Good Luck

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Thank you so much for all that information my go has prescibed stronger pain relief plus hest pad has helped with tension below my ribs and abdo pain coping alot better. I did not appreciate the lengthy recovery period. Next is when to go back to work and cope with change in body image wish the stoma didn't stick so much so i can wear my normal clothes. Thank you again

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Don't rush to work take it easy otherwise you could end up with more hospitalization. As I said it at least six months to be more or less pain-free.

Your body takes two years to settle back to its old self. You have a good part of your stomach missing which will I was told will be filled with other organs?

I've just started bleeding from other ends which were fused together so investigations are forthcoming with I expect hospitalization?

Good Luck take it easy

Hi I’m so sorry to hear your worries. I had my surgery 14 months ago and I had same as you pains under the ribs! I was in hospital for 6 weeks with infection I was also vomiting feuceus because I couldn’t stand I tube up my nose etc! What I’m trying to say is I went through quite a lot and at times thought I was dying! But now I’ve finally got a bag senso mio that I’m used too and is not too big I call her Sara and I’m ok really no more serious pain! You will get used to it! If you need to talk I’m here.

Thank you so much for your reply its now end week 8 and im feeling alittle better that terrible tightness around my ribs was resloved pain killers and hot wheat bag. Ive not come to terms with my bag mainly because of stoma pain when its working and moving around. I cant stand any pressure on it either. Last week i got a tummy bug omg the vomiting was filling the bag so fast. How big are your bags mine arent big im just a short person. Ive got so many confidence issues mainly cos im rushing the revovery and down cos i put on so much nothing fits. Thnx for listening.

Getting the flu is dangerous for ostomates. We dehydrate so easily. I have prescriptions for lomotil, to stem the diarrhea, and also for vomiting I have zofran, it keeps me from vomiting. I urge you to get your dr. To give you these drugs so you always have them on hand when you begin to have either diarrhea or vomiting. They could keep you from dehydrating. Sometimes it's impossible to drink as much as your output. It took me years and numerous hospitalization so for dehydration until my dr. decided I was right and having those drugs handy is a good idea. Good luck.

Don’t worry about the weight I too have the same problem and I’m only short! 5/2 . What you need to do is speak with your Stoma nurse to see if you have the right bag? I tried many before I found the right one! So check this with your Stoma nurse! Also be careful what ur eating only small meals and try not to eat too late! You will get used to your Stoma but it does take time. I’m here to listen. Vicky

Ps I don’t know if you have bought any off the underwire ( knickers) they have some with an inside pocket that the bag slides into they also hold your tummy in have them in lovely colours! I’m told we are allowed 6 free pairs a year but can also be purchased. They are fantastic I’m a size 16 and they didn’t even show when I wore a fitted dress recently. xx

Thank you everyone for your support and advice. My stoma is so sensitive to pressure that even the inside of the bag causes me discomfort I getting shooting pains down the stoma which radiates round about a 10 cms diameter circumference. Its like a little caged animal constantly moving trying to find the escape route. I am trying to stay positive about its all but its really hard when youre on your own although family and friends have been great.

I do think you need to be talking to your Stoma nurse and explaining how you feel ! I have a very understanding nurse so I’m sure u will feel better if you have a chat or Evan your GP you shouldn’t be alone feeling like this.

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