Worried about the hernia operation

In Aug 16 I underwent operation for rectal cancer and have a permanent stoma. I developed parastomal hernia which is being operated on at the end of this month. I am worried that something could go wrong and or the hernia could re-occur. I play golf and would like to start as soon as possible; how soon can I play again. and what precautions should I take?

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I have just become a member and noticed that you have unfortunately not had any replies.

I take it that you have had the hernia repair and you're back at home polishing the clubs eagerly waiting the all clear.

If you are still looking to take precautions can I suggest you look at SASH Medical website


These are supplied on GP prescription, which will be free as you have a permanent stoma.

The person who owns the company and many of his staff have stoma so they know what's needed and will help you find the correct belt to suit your needs.

Hope this helps


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your post; I did have hernia repair operation and I am now recovering after a bout of infection! I have not had the courage to play golf yet in case the hernia re-occurs. I am seeing my consultant next week and I hope he will give me go ahead. Thanks for your advice regarding hernia support belt which I have now purchased.




Good news that you are recovery albeit you caught an infection.

Ask you consultant if a wrap round belt would help, the ones I have velcro fastening and are very light to wear you hardly know you've got it on but it keeps everything on place

I can you over a link to let you see the belt I use for day to day activities.


Hi Me again

This is the sort of thing I wear



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