Continent Urostomy and pregnancy

Hi everyone,

I am having fertility problems at the moment but going to see a specialist in the next two weeks. From what I understand I will be able to have a baby with some help!

My main concern however is what will happen to my stoma during pregnancy. I have a continent urostomy which means I don't have a bag just a hole in my skin that I insert a catheter into whenever I need to go to the toilet.

I am terrified that pregnancy will cause a lot of damage to my stoma and may even break down.

Has anyoneexperienced this?

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  • This is a bit specialised for me to comment on . I suggest you get in touch with the stoma team at your hospital . They will have all the answers I was so impressed by the team at Poole Hospital . Hope your are as good as mine was . Best if luck with your pregnancy .. What a lovely baby you'll have with a mum so empathetic about life's problems and how to deal with them .

  • Hi Pinksteph,

    Thank you for your advice. I didnt think about contacting the stoma team, thats a great idea! Wow how brilliant that you had such a good team :) Thank you so much, your comment made me well up! xxx

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