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Pebble poop worried

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Hi so Im worried about my constipation being related to colon cancer. I have pebble poop most of the time. I go 1-2 a day but its always comes out as small balls. I have no blood.

I also have a left flank side pain. Sometimes goes in my back or abdomen.

Anyone have experience with pebble poop and colon cancer ?

Im 32 years old.

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'pebble poop' means you're somewhat or more than somewhat: dehydrated and/or constipated (the two tend to go hand in hand).

Consume more liquids / liquid type foods (& perhaps less salt / salty foods). If you're straining, consider using a drugstore rectal syringe to hold a cup of warm water for five minutes (a sort of mini-enema -- way safer imo than laxatives).

~wbic, member coloncancerconnected forum

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Lissssamb in reply to wbiC

Thanks for the help ! I dont strain really, everything cones out pretty easily but its balls or pieces..

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