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Rectal bleeding


Hi all I’m new hear and just looking for advice... I had a baby 2months ago and since have had no period after initial bleeding am feeling really bloated and I suffer from heamorroids!! For the past few weeks I have been noticing blood in my stool and it’s completely freaking me out... I spoke to nhs direct who advised me to change my diet and to not strain when in the toilet but it’s really hard and yet again today as I passed stool there was no blood in the actual stool but when I pushed again saw that there was bright red blood on its own..... at this point I’m sooo scared and worried!!!!

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Hi Shaz32 it’s may simply be piles, especially if you aren’t in pain or had a change in bowel habits. Go to the doctors and get checked out, just to rule anything else out. Rectal bleeding should always be looked into. Be brave for your baby and good luck :)

I’m having similar symptoms along with a big change in bowel habits and I’ve finally been reffered to the hospital in two weeks, it’s taken many visits to the gp tho as I’m 32 as they simply said it “would be crazy” if it was cancer, I hope they are right!

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Hi thanks for the reply yes I suffer from piles... been to the docs who said there’s possibly a small fissure inside hence the bleeding along with my diet which I’ve changed now so haven’t seen blood for a few days and praying it stays that way.... I’m also 32 and gave birth about 3months ago I feel like the pregnancy has messed up my whole body but hopefully it’ll get back to normal soon... hopefully you’ll be fine too fingers crossed x

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