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Bowl cancer


Hi everyone, my dad was diagnosed with bowl cancer yesterday 11,9,2018. Needless to say we are defastated. Apparently it is wrapped around his blood vessels of the bowl. He has been told he needs more scans then chemo to shrink it. Only when it shrinks can they operate. We are all feeling numb at the moment and my dad is looking on the bleak side. Would appreciate any information anyone has for us.😥

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Hi, I know it is a very stressful period for your dad and family. I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer a year ago. The operation carried out removed a third of my bowel. I had a serious bleed during the operation which meant I had to be re-admitted two weeks after the operation for a abscess drain and a course of antibiotics. In six weeks I had fully recovered. I did lose 2.5 stones in weight, but have put most of it back on now. The cancer appears not to have spread to any other parts of my body, so very lucky . I will be on the critical care list for five years, with six monthly CT scans,

Im 73 years old, keeping very active and just started to learn to ride a horse. I also have a heart defect and have had a pacemaker fitted for 12 years. My advice is try and keep positive, keep physically active as soon as possible after the operation and get on with living. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thank you so much Bryon for replying to me. I can’t tell you how much hope that has given us. My dad goes for a CT scan on Tuesday. Just praying it’s not spread. I have reiterated your comm BT’s to my dad and feel it’s given him a boost! 💕💕💕

Hi Trixiesoxwalking, I was diagnosed and had surgery for bowel cancer nearly 4 years ago and this month I found that it seems that it has decided to visit me again - bummer.

I fully understand how your dad feels but tell him that the outcome is positive the treatment works and he should go on the continue with his life look at it this was chemo and radiotherapy and surgery take about 6 to 9 months out of your life, I will not lie you feel like pooh at times but with a positive attitude and outlook you WILL prevail. Even though I have now got a return match with it I am keeping positive even though this time it looks like I will loose my large intestine.

Tell your Dad to think positive - it's difficult but given luck he will, WILL SURVIVE!


Thanks Steve, your information and drive to carry on has given myself and my dad a purpose to be positive! My dad has his CT scan on prayers pleases that it’s not spread. I have passed on your message to my dad and I hope it’s given him the strength to fight!! Today was the 3rd day of him being given the diagnosis and he was having a down day. Finding it hard to find the motivation to get out of bed and the day to have a meaning. I want you to know we are thinking of you also and want to send a positive energy hug! 😍 xxx

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