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Colon cancer

Hi there. My name is Adam and I suffer from health anxiety.

For the past weeks in have suffered from a painful stomach which has radiated to my back. The pain is central and under and around my belly button. It feels tight like my abs are tensed and my stomach is hard to the touch. My bowel habits have also changed, I am not clearing my bowels properly and I just feel full up, just not normal going to the toilet. At first I couldn't go properly at all. Now I have had senokot for a few days i have gone a few more times and it is a bit looser but not like diarrhea. I don't have any blood in my stools.

The pain mainly occurs when I stand up and reduces when I am sitting down.

Because of my health anxiety I Google like mad and it is driving me round the bend because what keeps coming up for me is bowel cancer.

I'm purely looking for advice if anyone has it? Saying how I'm feeling helps and having another's perspective is always good.

Has anyone had symptoms like this and had bowel cancer?

I'm thinking to make an emergency appointment tomorrow to try and get checked out. It's tough with the health anxiety, causes such fear.

Any help is thanked massively in advance.

Thanks you

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Hi I was diagnosed with bowel cancer a year ago. My symptoms were different. I felt very tired. Had severe anaemia and sweats at night. I thought it was the menopause. I had few other symptoms apart from a bit of mucas and blood in my Pooh (not a lot though). I used to get tummy ache after a three course meal. I gradually got more and more breathless and finally I was going to the loo 10 times a day and my Pooh looked like thin ribbon, bowel obstruction. Stop googling, go to your GP for a chat.


Thank you for your response.

I have made an app to see my doctor and hopefully they can sort me out.

I hope you are doing well after your diagnosis


Yes. Surgery and chemo. All good thanks


Sounds like IBS.

As always .

Go to your doctor.


Thanks for your response.

I hope it is, just need it sorting out.

Thank you again


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