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Second primary colon cancer

Hi all,

I am new here, 81 years young and have had three cancer surgeries during the past 6 years.

November 28th will be the 2nd anniversary of having survived a second primary colon cancer diagnosis and subsequent subtotal colectomy.

I would like to connect with people who had the same experience and share how they dealt with the permanently loose bowels and how they adjusted their diets.

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Dear Gerlinde, I've had to adjust my diet with constant diarrhoea , I've had a lot if success recently as I've changed to low histamine diet . There's a website . and even an app .. German Gebhardt . After trying everything this is really helping . Still have the off shocking night , like last night , but I have started having chicken bone broth and I think it was just too much fat for my system last night . I don't tend to eat after 3 and I had that at 5.30 so could be combination of the two .i also didn't have my usual watercress and pea shoots which really help in damping down the histamine . Try and see ?

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Thanks, Pinksteph,

will try the website and see what it could do for me. I have been drinking a glass of water with a tsp of unsweetened Metamucil mixed into it before each meal, as well as being careful with the greens - as I am Vegan, also not eating any sugar, being careful with carbs. My bowels are still loose, somewhat regular, down to 2 to 3 a day, two years after surgery, depending on food intake.

Thanks again for your info!


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