My cancer experience

I'm new here.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and kidney cancer 9 years ago. Two primary cancer. Bowel cancer was stage 3b. I had part of my transverse colon and left kidney removed. After a month I went on a 24 week chemotherapy program, and after 8 weeks I was 16 kgs lighter than pre-op weigh of 75kgs. I stopped chemo and went to the Quest for Life Foundation. I had the most amazing support from family, friends, employer, GP, surgeons, nurses and specialists (especially in oncology) and naturopath.

The best thing I learned is that peace is more valuable than happiness, and that it's best to smile and accept whatever happens.

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  • Welcome to my world! I have had cancer now 4 times; I presently have 15 centimetres of my large intestine remaining and resectioned 14 years ago. Prostate cancer, stage three, removed, 33 radiation treatments, 4 years ago. I had squamous cell carcinoma on my nose that was removed by MOHs surgery two years ago. I was just diagnosed again,a little over two weeks ago, and then removed a week ago today, and I am awaiting the results of to find out the type of cancer I have. I have not have had the ability to go to Quest For Life but I go have a quest for life that has gotten me through 14 years of battling cancer. I smile, I laugh and I say I am a winner, and I thank God for the ability to put my feet on the floor in the mornings. I have had the best medical care that I am able to get, I have a family that tells me to get my butt in gear when I am not overly excited about the day, I am so fortunate to have my back covered by so many beautiful good people.

  • respect to you i was only diagnosed 3 mth back with neuroendocrine bowel and 3 tumours secondry on liver i start chemo next wensday

  • All the best in your treatments! I pray that it will cure you from what has become the world's most incredible disease. Stay positve and keep a smile on your face as you are going through the treatments. Have a good laugh at times when you find things funny....laughter is a powerful healer! Bless you!

  • i do joke about this my wife kids they dont find it funny sometimes .what gives me strength is when i see kids with this disease its heartbreaking .to think some of them wont make being a teenager. i have 10 grand kids id hate to think any of them ever have a cancer. i didnt know 200 diff cancers . and when you go to see your doc at hospital and you look rnd in the waiting room and you see lots of folk in the same boat as you it makes you realise just how bad and cruel this disease is all you can do is face up to it fight and be strong and some of the stories i read on hear im lucky with what i got if you can call having cancer lucky so all the best to you all and the only word i think of is be strong

  • LAughter is how I cover my emotion. Yes, children have given me heartache as well. Seeing them going through chemo and rediotherapy while I was going through it myself was heart wrenching. Today, I was talking to an old friend going through dyalisis every second day, I have nothing compared to what he is going through! Stay strong yourself my friend!

  • My advice, talk to someone who has gone through any type of cancer, be positive, surround yourself with positive people, don't listen to the news as they only report negativity, have matter what your religion, love each and every day, eat healthy, don't smoke, overweight...lose it, be proactive with your health as you are the only one who knows your body. As Buggs Bunny would say, "That's all Folks!"

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