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CLL Support Association has reserved places in both the LONDON 10K RUN on Sunday 14th July and THE CARDIFF HALF MARATHON on Sunday October 6th 2013 .

Join Team CLLSA, runners and walkers. A walking team makes these events more accessible to us lesser fit. Together we can beat last year’s great total.

Places are limited, register early for either of these events and help us raise funds for The CLL Support Association. For further information and registration forms contact:

There is no registration fee but we do ask you pledge £100 for your place. CLLSA will provide a T shirt at no cost to the entrant subject to availability, additional shirts can be provided for supporters at a small charge. Making your own page at for the challenge will enable your supporters to easily contribute to your total .


Several have asked about general donations to CLLSA. The most effective way for CLLSA to receive donations is via Just Giving as they add the gift aid, gift aid has changed slightly and we now receive 25p for every pound you donate as a UK tax payer, and not 28p as before. If you wish to make a donation by this method then please visit www.justgiving/cllsupport and follow the instructions. Please remember to complete the gift aid section on any relevant donations. Remember this does not affect your tax status or cost you, the donator and tax payer, a penny

Other methods of donating to the CLL Support Association

Thank you for your support


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The only place I am running to is the Loo , does anybody else have this problem?



If you have frequent urination it could be anything from an infection to Type2 diabetes. On the CLL front, for me it was a very enlarged lymph node reducing the size of my bladder...

If you are having bowel movement problems again it could be anything, but might also be a node or CLL infiltration..

In either case you need to discuss this with your CLL consultant as soon as possible...


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