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PAN Foundation has Reopened its CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) Financial Assistance Fund


It is tough enough to have CLL, but for those of us on Medicare, the cost of some treatments can be prohibitive.

Organizations such as LLS and PAN (Patient Access Network) offer help through industry-funded pools of financial aid for those who qualify in the USA.

Here is a little early holiday gift for some of us.

The exciting and timely news that we have confirmed we know is that the PAN CLL financial aid fund is finally reopening on Monday, Nov. 28, 2016. We know it because PAN has chosen the CLL Society to be their partner for offering peer-to-peer CLL counseling. We have been working hard to train volunteers and to develop the policies and procedures needed to protect your privacy and offer robust help. The CLL Society is very proud to partner with PAN.

With your help, we do more than delivering the latest in-depth news in an understandable fashionway, covering ASH and the important medical conferences with interviews with the experts and daily updates., We are also producing important research that can positively influence our future care, advocating for all us around the world, and now offering peer-to-peer support from trained volunteers.

Unlike other web sites, we don’t require visitors to register to gain access to our material, but honestly the number of subscribers is a metric that our supporters assess when considering the size of our grant applications. Without significant grant support, we can’t possibly do everything we are asked.that patients request. If you like what we are doing, please spread the word and ask other friends to subscribe. It really helps. You know that tell us that the news, services, and updates we share are important, relevant and helpful.

No one knows how long it will stay open, so if you need financial help for your meds, I would strongly suggest that you apply applying soon.

You can apply for assistance two ways.

Apply over the phone at 1-866-316-7263 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST


Visit the patient portal

So grab seize this early holiday gift while you still can and please tell everyone to join our community and sign up for our alerts and newsletters.

We are grateful for your participation in our work.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman

Founder and still volunteer medical director of the CLL Society

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And bless your sweet heart, Dr BrianK for your tireless efforts on behalf of the community.

The is great news!

Thank you.



Thank You!


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Thanks Dr K for all you do!!

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Thanks for sharing the news, Brian. If everything in life is timing, and I firmly believe timing is high up there, then the timing of this pot of gold couldn't be better - at least for me.

I am delighted, relieved, and thrilled to say that, as of last night, I am one of the lucky beneficiaries of this newly reopened fund. The amazingly helpful and enthusiastic funding specialist at the specialty pharmacy from which I receive my Imbruvica has a direct feed to the PAN Foundation. As soon as she saw the green light on Monday afternoon, she and her assistants immediately dropped what they were doing and began filling out online forms for the 45 patients in her system who qualify for PAN funding. They kept at it until 8 p,m. -- all with her usual upbeat, good cheer.

In preparation for the moment, she had long ago gathered digitized copies of all the necessary forms and data she would need. She said I was the second application she submitted, and confirmation was quickly received. She called today with the good news.

The LLS grant I received when I began taking Imbruvica in early August covered my first 4 months, plus most of the 5th. This December supply was the first time I had to shell out a portion of the payment, and it was relatively little in the scheme of things. Knowing that I will not need to pay out of pocket next month is such a relief.

I am ever so grateful to Mary Anne and her team for their devotion and dedication. They are angels who work with tireless and spirited energy to do the dance. How special to have a job that helps lift off a financial burden so people can heal and thrive. My gratitude extends to all at the PAN Foundation for working hard to make it possible to take these expensive designer drugs and to make our lives easier. And let's not forget all the generous donors who contributed to PAN's treasure chest. Thank you! Thank you!

May they all know that they are truly angels who walk this earth and enable healing in others.

Even better, this news coincided with labs yesterday that showed everything in normal range except for platelets, not unusual with Imbruvica. Lymphocytes are lower than they have been in years, while neutrophils and hematocrit are higher than ever.

Despite the dark dank chill of a gray rainy late-November day, this has been a very bright and good day, indeed.


Thank you for sharing your news. Stay strong.


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