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Interview with Dr. Byrd at ASH 2012 on new medications, especially ibrutinib


Dr Byrd is my physician at OSU and arguably has more clinical experience with ibrutinib than anyone else in the world.

On my blog ( ) tonight, I posted the first of a 4 part interview done at ASH 2012. It's 10 minutes well spent. The data is impressive,

Just got back my bone density results, and despite all the steroids, and being both post transplant and vegan and not taking any extra calcium, but gorging myself on 10,000 of Vitamin. D3 daily to keep my Vit, D 25-0H above 50 and doing some weight lifting, my scan is unchanged in two years. Osteopenia, but no increased fracture risk

Be well


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Hi All the news from ASH is good. Best wishes and good luck with your treatment.


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