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In my last blog post ( ), I have a short and interesting video interview with Dr. Furman who was the lead on the idelalisIb trial that was a late breaking abstract at ASH 2013.

I have also includes links to the abstract and related subjects. For me the take way message is just how far we have come in such a short time, where today using non-chemo approaches for CLL is becoming more mainstream.

I will be going to ASCO too.

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  • Remove the bracket at the end of the link.

  • Done!

  • Interesting to hear that rituximab infusion reactions were less with idelalisib

  • Anyone that wants details from a patient perspective- please ask. I am one of Dr. Furman's patients and ecstatic to have been on the Gilead 116 trial and now on the crossover/extension Gilead 117. I see Dr. Furman once per month and currently waiting for results of a MRD test taken April 18 after a CT Scan showed all lymph nodes normal size, spleen normal size for one year and all bloods fully normal (except slightly low IgA & IgM).

  • Just wanted to mention the IDELA (idelalisib) should be FDA approved for previously treated CLL in early August...this based on Wall Street pundits...

    Once approved it could be used 'off label' for other indications... in the U.S. ...other countries... unknown.

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