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Asking friends for pre-gathering precautions

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A group of friends (14 in total) want to host a Covid-safe outdoor gathering for my birthday. My husband, currently on Acalabrutinib, would join us. We’ve asked that everyone be tested 2 days prior and not attend if they’ve traveled out of town (by air or otherwise) within the week before, nor if they’ve attended an indoor gathering of more than 25 people. Other than having everyone be seated a bit further apart, does anyone have any other suggestions or experience on how to make this a safe gathering for my husband? I’d really love for this to be mask free, to give us all - but especially my husband - a sense of “normal” celebration. All friends are extremely supportive and will most likely be willing to do whatever we ask, precaution-wise.

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Have hand disinfectant station for guests, one bathroom designated for guests and husband uses separate one. Husband gets gloves to use for opening and closing doors (take off gloves when he eats, put back on when finished and in common areas) and that way will know he hasn't touched something others touched without protection. Wipe down all possibly commonly touched surfaces (doors, drawers, tables, chair backs, light switches)after the party.

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Hi Oaktown,


I had a similar event for Thanksgiving, and the mechanical engineer (me) focused on ventilation and respirator masks to protect myself (CLL patient).


Just before the guests arrived I checked the wind direction around the table and chose my seat at the upwind point, so all breezes went from me towards the other guests. I tried to position the close family members (wife) nearest me. I kept my N95 respirator mask on as much as possible, only removing it for the shortest possible time to eat or drink. I asked all the guests to wear their masks when they were standing, moving around, singing or shouting.



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lexie in reply to lankisterguy

This is brilliant! Adding wind direction to my avoiding Covid toolkit, thank you!

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Psmithuk in reply to lexie

I first noticed this when outside, talking to people I hadn’t seen for a few years. I kept trying to turn so I was upwind, but couldn’t manoeuvre my way round. I could smell and taste her perfume, and was quite anxious for a while, but all was well, thank goodness.It is a good thing to remember at outdoor meetings!


I was going to mention the wind too! I still wear a mask outside with my vaccinated friends. All of them graciously reciprocate.

I am not a virologist or biologist, but I do listen to ‘This Week in Virology’ and there seems to be a lot of evidence that COVID is primarily an airborne illness, or at least a large percentage of cases. I have found that I got used to an N95 mask quickly, and even an N99 for higher risk settings. Where I live masks have become pretty normal, and no one thinks twice. IMHO, masks are a very good idea and possibly the most important line of defence.

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Consider foregoing blowing out the candles, or making an adjustment as to where that is done.

I only trusted 4 family members and that was apparently to many as it was picked up and spread to all 5 of us

We have absolutely NEVER spread around any other illnesses even with 30 people indoors in a small place with TWO frail 80 something grandmas over the last 45 years

I have never seen any documentation of outdoor spread and feel completely safe going to the park and anything outdoors assuming I have reasonable space

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KatieBlue in reply to Tommays56

There have been cases reported of delta spreading outdoors. Omicron, too soon to tell.

Since you are weighing the risks of not masking, some doctors are circulating this for an individual to consider:Two people are talking, breathing, one has Covid, neither masked=90% transmission

Same two people, but non-Covid person only is masked=30% transmission

Same two people, but Covid person only is masked=5% transmission

Same two people, Covid and non-Covid, both masked=1.5% transmission

Same two people, Covid and non-Covid, both masked, but now 6' apart=0% transmission.

Air sanitizer/HEPA filtration.

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BobbyFour in reply to SofiaDeo

Agreed, based on this forum I have bought HEPA filter fans for a couple of rooms, a UV light for the furnace and switched to finer furnace filters. All cheap insurance, and as a bonus my allergies have improved 😀

at our recent thanskgiving celebration with 28 persons we required all be vaccinated. all adults were but one of the kids only had one shot. so we left doors and windows open even though it was in the low 20's in chicago that far so good. fingers crossed i stay healthy....

HiIf I have friends at home , they all LF beforehand. However, I visit pubs , restaurants and also children's parties. I have a 4 and 2 year old I am 57. I was diagnosed stage 4 high risk 1 year ago , have been in remission 6 months now on acalabrutinib. I have had all 3 Jabs, but only developed antibodies after my second covid infection.

The test two days before will show a picture of where people were Covid-wise two days before. A lot can happen in 2 days.

Rapid tests prior to attending that day may be a better way to go. The unfortunate timing with omicron is a lot of unknowns. There is already at least one sub variant. They are still determining if the rapid tests will still work with omicron. Some researchers have said yes, others are waiting to hear back from the manufacturer, as they know the proteins they are testing.

I would not stake my life on a single lateral flow test, two or three tests on successive days would be more reassuring.

Your other measures are sensible.

Maintain social distance even outdoors. Practice the safe hug before. No kissing!

Guest washroom nearest party area, keep people out of other areas of the house, wear a N95 face cover indoors until the house is thoroughly aired and disinfected when guests have gone.

Make sure you know where to go for REGN-COV2 antibodies.

Hello OaktownA

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. My wife and I attended our indoors wedding anniversary/thanksgiving dinner hosted by our daughters. Had great time, no masks, mixed vaccines, lots of kids. One week later no CV-19. :)

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HopeME in reply to Big_Dee

“mixed vaccines”? What does that phrase mean.



14 AG tests on the spot right before the start of the gathering. They are cheap and should catch anyone if infectious.

Comments really ingenious, will use. also, I find that mask comfort is a limiting factor. My go to is a disposable N95 with exhalation valve(s), with a multi layer cloth mask over it. both are held in place by elastic loop which goes through both masks loops, which makes them a single unit.

the elastic loop, fits over back of head, and around neck.

Why? 1) the loop over head and neck keeps masks in place without slipping. 2) the exhalation valve makes breathing easier, and vents moisture 3) objections to vented masks include possibly spewing out virus, if one is infected, and possible defect in valve, allowing two way breathing. These are neatly overcome by wearing another mask over the vented mask.

For thanksgiving, we had everyone test 24 hours before the gathering and again immediately before. We used the binax now rapid test. It says accuracy is better if you test twice, 36 hours apart. We tested twice, 24 hours apart.

When our son is visiting us outside he take a PCR test two days before and then a 99% specificity lateral flow each day until he arrives.

I also put Taffix up my nose!!

Think about having individual cupcakes for desert, instead of a cake that is shared. You can still have a candle on yours

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