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Growing numbers of the SARS COV2 H69/V70 variant

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I thought this graph shows us just how quickly this new variant is growing and replacing the other variants. It's been calculated to be 71% more infectious than other variant but there is no evidence so far that the new coronavirus variant in the UK causes more severe disease or that it can evade the protection conferred by any of the vaccines.

In order to stay safe it's even more important than ever that we avoid close social contact with other which is particularly sad news at this time of year.

However, Dr Emma Hodcroft, who is a virus tracker in Switzerland reminds us "No matter how the virus changes, it needs us to be close enough to each other and to have interactions to let it jump between us. If we don’t give the virus those opportunities, it simply can’t spread no matter what variant it is.”

Her Twitter account is @firefoxx66

Lots more information here from New Scientist:

Read more from BBC:

Have a safe and happy Christmas


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Now all my preparations for Christmas are complete I’m staying away from curb side chats with neighbours and if they can’t be avoided I’ll go to 3 metre distancing. Take a step back! My new mantra.

The neighbours who have insisted their children will visit them from tier 4 over Christmas I will totally avoid into January.

Lonely life ahead but the wine, chocolate and knitting are all in.

Don’t worry I’ll walk it off everyday on the beach or moor. Waterproofs ready!

Best Wishes

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mrsjsmith in reply to devonrr

I endorse the first two and perhaps the tapestries with moth holes might get repaired at long last ? Christmas TV looking particularly dire this year.Colette x

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Jm954Administrator in reply to mrsjsmith

I agree, tv awful. Wouldn't normally matter too much but it's just another downer :(

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mrsjsmith in reply to Jm954

Thank goodness for catch up TV ! A couple of decent murder series to keep me occupied and vast amounts of chocolate.

Next year is next year 🙄Colette

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Big_Dee in reply to mrsjsmith

Hello mrsjsmith

I understand perfectly. Only two TV shows I watched regularly were Dc Martin and Blacklist, but alas neither are on. Oh well lots of Christmas music, Merry Christmas.

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mrsjsmith in reply to Big_Dee

Agreed.And the only decent films I have already seen twice.

Merry Christmas 🎄 to you as well.

Colette x

Thanks Jackie, really useful info

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... I am a little concerned about Dr Hodcrofts assertion the virus can "jump" between us!

I am under the impression it does not jump.

Conveyed - yes!

Covid virus being 1000 x smaller than a spec of dust - is easily "conveyed" by air currents.

Otherwise we have to apply it by touching our eyes, nose and mouth...


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Thank you Jackie. The words of heed by Dr. Emma Hodcroft fit the information about the more quickly, easily spreading strain now being experienced.

Stay safe and may the days of our different holidays mean even more to us in this weird distance shared time. And, in talking to myself, my thoughts are:

May introspection and patience be something developed more strongly to carry into the time when the virus is contained.

No such horrid experience should be had without some learning about ourselves and the New Year's resolution time is the perfect time to make any changes we have discovered we would like to make.

I can cope unless Brexit makes any difference to chocolate deliveries. That would certainly unleash the beast!👹Peggy

As my wife's caretaker I was diagnosed 12/21/2020 with Covid and she was not. However they are treating her too as she had the same symptoms and they said the Rapid Test often produces false negatives, but not false positives and the PCR Test does just the opposite.

Christmas is not going to happen on time for our family. We offered to open our granddaughters presents over zoom, facetime , etc. and they could watch us tear the wrappings off their presents, but they said NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Thank you. Instructive indeed. We need to be more careful than ever.

Yet I know people (friends of my wife actually) who are still flouting the regulations about household mixing and have ignored them all along. Unbelievable. I am avoiding any form of contact with them in order to avoid an explosion of anger on my part!

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Jm954Administrator in reply to ornstin

I'm definitely going to be even more careful and yes, I know people flouting the guidance so I avoid them too. Very irresponsible ! :(

We have had a spike in Covid-19 cases here in Montana recently. I personally know many who have contracted it, even entire families. In some cases, everyone in the family gets it, yet they all respond differently. Some get ill, others no symptoms, and even the death of personal friends. Of those that I know there are all age groups of various fitness. The level of illness in those that I know has not reserved severity for the elderly or frail either. In our demographic, we are by comparatively socially distanced by default and yet we have a spike in cases unique to our sub-culture. Another interesting element that may prove to be of measure is that people are flocking here with the idea that it is safer because of the elevation and climate? Open space, may positively influence distancing - elevation, science says not.

This is definitely a virus that deserves preventive attentiveness. We are being told by some that there is evidence that much of this recent spread in Montana is through casual contact between friends and family. It appears that people who are familiar with one another are less precautious in presence.

I do not believe that fear is a good primary motivator in influencing covid prevention, but rather the sharing of credible knowledge being delivered clearly and concisely only by qualified accredited positions sourced from the specialized research community. I see people behaving on extreme opposite perspectives mostly based on extreme opposite media information. In my view, Playing Politics with Covid is causing great harm internationally even among the study community.

Please allow me this opportunity to encourage our high-risk community to continue to share credible information, practice the measures recommended from credible sources. And just as important, let us all be a bit disciplined when discussing perspective information so as to promote and sustain good health. I hope we can all find some peace and contentment in this unfortunate circumstance through applying less fear and more objective contemplation.

A little fear goes along way, and CLL is fearful enough.

Thank you, Jackie, for always providing credible data clear, and concise.


A top expert in my place said it is more contagious but less deadly. I hope he's right.

Just realized I wrote above I was diagnosed with Covid 2/21. I just changed it to what it should have read...12/21/2020 Wow!! Must have brain fog too.

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