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AbbVie Pharm--positive phase 3 for CLL!

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Hey, all, see this article about AbbVie pharma!

AbbVie Sees Continued Positive Results for Leukemia Treatment

7:05 am ET June 11, 2021 (Dow Jones) Print

By Chris Wack

AbbVie said it saw continued positive results from a four-year follow-up analysis of its Phase 3 CLL14 trial.

The pharmaceutical company said the trial showed that previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia with coexisting conditions who were treated with Venclyxto/Venclexta venetoclax plus obinutuzumab continued to show longer progression-free survival and higher rates of undetectable minimal residual disease compared to patients receiving a standard of care chemoimmunotherapy regimen of obinutuzumab and chlorambucil.

"The CLL14 trial results observed after four years of follow-up with treatment of venetoclax plus obinutuzumab show that these patients can experience long-lasting responses without disease progression, years after stopping treatment," said Mohamed Zaki, vice president and head of global oncology development at AbbVie.

After a median follow-up of more than four years, patients treated with the Venclyxto/Venclexta and obinutuzumab combination continued to demonstrate longer progression free survival compared to patients on treatment with obinutuzumab and chlorambucil, and the risk of disease progression or death was reduced by 67%.

No new safety signals were observed in the four-year follow-up analysis. The most frequently occurring serious adverse reactions in patients receiving venetoclax in combination with obinutuzumab were pneumonia, sepsis, febrile neutropenia, and TLS.

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Good report, except for the last statement😒😒.

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Vlaminck in reply to Sushibruno

True. But hopefully not that common?

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Sushibruno in reply to Vlaminck

I certainly hope not. Thank u.


Your doctor is so good, I wouldn’t focus on the negative; they’re just being transparent. As with any treatment, there’s no free ride but we’re darn happy to have them.


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Vlaminck in reply to Justasheet1

Was this reply misplaced? Not to anything I said.

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Justasheet1 in reply to Vlaminck


No it was not misplaced. I was commenting to Sushibruno on her reply to you.


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Vlaminck in reply to Justasheet1

Oh, fine, didn't see that discussion, and didn't know who was Lydia (do now obviously).

I agree Jeff, my negativity comes from fear. But life goes on. Im learning to live and not focus on cll too much. 🙂🙃

Looks like the combo treatments in general are giving better/longer remissions than single agents in previously untreated patients.

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Jm954Administrator in reply to SofiaDeo

Not yet demonstrated with IR compared to mono Ibrutinib.

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Justasheet1 in reply to Jm954


You are correct but I wonder if that will change as obinutuzamab is more frequently being used now.

I got to MRD- on several FLOW tests administered consecutively while being on ibrutinib, second line treatment, after only seven months on ibrutinib and after 4 rounds of obinutuzamab.

My WBC was 260,000 when I began and now has been constantly at 5 for almost two years.

I attribute this to the addition of the mab but we’ll see if it translates to duration of

non-progression for me. I sure am hoping!


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Jm954Administrator in reply to Justasheet1

Obintuzumab is a game changer interns of anti CD20 monoclonal antibodies and definitely does some heavy lifting in the early days when given with Ib or Acalabrutinib but it's rarely used in combination with the BTKi's which are most often given as mono therapy, at least in the UK. I hope you're right but not sure that will translate into a longer remission or time to next treatment. Interesting stuff.


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Smakwater in reply to Jm954

It is my understanding that there is no data suggesting that obinutuzumab improves measures of efficacy for venetoclax, however, it does allow expediency and safety to the administrating effort.

From what I have read the initial responses with obinutuzumab to itself aside from other treatments is quite impressive, yet it shows moderate durability.

This makes me very hopeful as I am uMRD as of April 28 after my one-year treatment on V + O. I’m staying positive and planning on a long long vacation from CLL and this gives me hope. Thank you for posting.


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Vizilo in reply to Iris123

Excellent!! You give us great hope!! May it continue for a very long time.

Venetoclax is the only drug which Works from Inside the Cell the others from the Surface that is also Why it is so effective

mickimauser, I don't understand that logic - could you expand on that please? (It certainly didn't work that way for me!)

It works in the mitochondrial pathway inside the cell mitochondria are the powerplants inside each cell ther e are between 500 and 2000 in each cell

Vlaminck, a great report to share. Thank you! Did it mentioned if over age 65 receive?

I am in W&W(1 year), never treated, am 72, no other health problems, live in USA. My doctor explained there is an age cut off for chemo treatments. Just wondering about that, hopefully I’ll never need treatment. Sandra🙂

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Vlaminck in reply to Phil4-13

Sandra, hope you don't either. But, no, didn't see discussion of age -- but then didn't research it, just saw this report and shared. Might be worth googling. BTW, I am also on W&W (1.5 years), 72 years, only other health problem I know of is that I have had spells of epstein barr reactivation (in fact, my diagnosis came 4 month after first reactivation, a debilitating lightning strike of EBV, and I have had spells since -- which is very bad because the damn virus works on the Bcells)

Sandra, folks, here is a longer discussion I found just now and do not see anywhere where age is mentioned as a factor. Even did a search. Might be there, as it's long, but I couldn't find.

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