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Vaccine Antibody Test Results

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Second Pfizer Vaccine on Feb 12th, Semi quant spike covid antibody test on Mar 9th negative less then 1.0 Repeated spike quant test on Mar 29 ( LLS Registry ) negative less than 0.4 So I guess that pretty much sums it up for me at this time. I know, hopefully still have T Cell response.

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You likely do, our cancer doesn't usually affect our T-cells much. IMO people who need constant antibiotic or other prophylaxis because of constant, recurring infections are the highest risk. And even for those at the "highest risk", we have better treatments than last year early on in the pandemic & the morbidity/mortality statistics will change for the better.

I am hopeful that if I made it this far without contracting then dying of Covid, I will continue to do so. If I do get it, IMO even if I get hospitalized, my chances of coming out the other side are much much better than previous reports. We just don't have a "number" except that last year's baseline of 30-odd percent who died early into the pandemic.

That's frustrating. 🙏

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Yep, it is frustrating.

Hope I can be of encouragement to you. My wife has CLL, 17P Tp53 complex karyotype and got Covid-19 just before Christmas. I also got it and spent 5 days in the hospital, but my wife beat it without being hospitalized.

Granted she has been in clinical remission for 28 months after Venclexta for about a year. So why did she do better than me? Maybe it was her T Cells or the steroids they gave her. Maybe the variant, mutations are not as harmful or because our church was praying for her.

Just saying, if the vaccine doesn't work for some CLL patients there are still numerous new treatments for Covid-19 and variables like the T Cells that step in and help us.

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Mystic75 in reply to Shepherd777

Shepherd,Thank you for sharing your story. So glad both you and your wife beat Covid. It is always encouraging to read stories like yours.


Thanks Shepherd, glad you two recovered. Yep, will need to continue to be careful.

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Shep, had either of you been vaccinated? Thank you

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We both got covid-19 on the 21st of December before the vaccination was available in Maryland for CLL patients or those under 75.

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Ok thanks. I just heard about a police officer in my sister's department that has Covid after receiving both courses of Moderna. I've had both Pfizer but am very wary.

We are the first and only ones in our family and church community to get it. We have no idea where we came in contact with covid-19.

Check out the Combat Covid government website. You can locate infusion centers for mAB. ( mono clonal antibodies) You should certainly qualify if you contract covid? Sixty five qualifys you and cll qualifys you. Keep in mind you have to get that infusion prior to 10 days after sysmptoms.

Thanks pacific view

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