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Covid Vaccine Antibody Test

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I am taking Alacabrutinib and just received my Covid Vaccine Antibody Test done by LLS. It was negative for covid antibodies.

Has anyone had a positive antibody test.

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I just posted my results recently But I’m on Ibrutinib

Positive but not on Ibrutinib.

Biobank are sending me an antibody test and in the letter regarding this they say even if you have had your vaccination do not be concerned if the test is negative you will still have antibodies but it is only people who have had covid who definitely show antibodies. Hmmm!


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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero in reply to Bubnojay

Not true if testing antibody to SPIKE (S)protein as LLS and all the trials are doing. If just ordered by your doctor, the wrong test is being done in many cases and does only check for immunity to the infection (antibody to nucleocapsid or N protein) not part of the vaccine.

I think we have some apples and oranges posts here about "COVID antibody tests". The LLS study involves two tests. One is for the COVID antibody you would have if you were infected or had been infected. The other test is for what Labcorp, the official vendor for the LLS study, calls its "SARS-CoV-2 Semi-Quant Total Ab". What is unclear, IMHO, about the Semi-Quant test is the "range". The result is measured in units/mL, and is given as an absolute number. Mine was 52.15 u/mL. The "positive range was described as >.79 with NO unit given. The narrative said antibodies were detected etc., but what in the world does the ">.79" mean as a range? I'm on Venclexta, which LLS neglected to include in their list of meds in the questionnaire, even though Venclexta smashes b-cells. And even the NYtimes article (that may be based on LLS input) does not include Venclexta as one of the drugs that reduces the B-cells. (My ALC has been a constant .5 for the four years I've been on Venclexta, half of the low end of normal.)

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Mom-mom-e in reply to E-Lynn

It’s quite the range, right? I am on Venetoclax, also, but just started In January, 4 days after my first Moderna vaccine. I was only 4 weeks in, when I got my second Moderna. MY LLS results were > 250 ( SARS COV 2 Semi-Quant Ab) I hope that is protective, but not sure anyone knows. I was also surprised Venetoclax was not mentioned in the screening questions.

Stay safe, be well

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DD909 in reply to Mom-mom-e

Hi. How did you find out your LabCorp/LLS results? I’m curious, as I have heard nothing.

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Dancedunce in reply to DD909

Hi DD909,You can register on LabCorp’s website and see your results. Doesn’t take long.

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DD909 in reply to Dancedunce

Thank you so much!! That was quick registration...I am negative. Currently on Gazyva and Venclexta. Did get the vaccine and test before starting Venclexta though.

Hi I've been on ibrutinib had an antibody test and mine was negative.

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joanne17 in reply to Mick491

I've been on Ibrutinib for. 5+ years. Had my Pfizer shots and 5 weeks later took the Sars-COV Spike antibody test. I tested negative. No antibodies. O immunity. disappointing but good to know.

Help.......Confusion About antibody testing To see IF the/your vaccine has worked MY understanding is

The antibodt test that has been given for the passed 15 months is called SARS-COV-2 Antibody

This test tells you only weather or not you have had Covid the disease . And that if you have sent away for a mail in test (in the USA) it will be the above test

To find out if you Vaccination has produced antibodys you need to take the

SARS-CoV-2 Semi Quant Tot. Ab Spike test

The above is a completly different test although sometime given together whith the first test, AND the Semi Quant Tot. Ab Spike is the only test that tells you if you Vaccination has produced Antibodys ir not ..

Do I have it right??????

Thanks in advance


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Atds in reply to michaelmac

I had V&O last year and my hematologist gave me the spike test this past Friday - it was negative.

My husband was invited to a dinner party for next Friday and I wasn’t invited.

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E-Lynn in reply to michaelmac

Yes Michael. The LLS study has you do both tests, but the second, the "Quant" test is the one that detects antibodies formed in response to vaccination. But listening to rock start Rick Furman in the CLL Society presentation, it's not really known what causes immunity at this point, and the "role" of the antibodies detected in the test. T-cells may also be a factor. I guess we all have to remember this was a NOVEL VIRUS and thus had never been studied. Researchers had to race for a vaccine and expedite its approval, so surveillance testing couldn't be done along the way to continually track antibodies etc. Hopefully LLS study will help provide a bit of the needed data to better understand how CLL patients respond to the vaccine. BUT this still will not tell us what that response means in terms of getting, giving, or daying from the virus. Hopefully this and other studies will be ongoing. Per usual, those with cancer or immunosuppression, could not be included in the original trials whose endpoints were drug approval. Now the heavier lifting comes.

Not in treatment currently....had test through LLS....negative for ever having covid. Positive for antibodies!

Antibodies test shows whether you had COVID. The spike test shows whether the vaccine was effective. Mine was 250 which my doc said great. I’ll take another test in about 2 months to see if it is lasting.

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E-Lynn in reply to bigunwill2

Have you ever been treated? When people share their antibody results, please also share your previous and current treatments so we can build our own mental model of how this vaccine works for those of us with CLL. I just looked back and it appears you have been seriously treated .. thus your high antibody response is quite glorious good news for all of us.

Same result from my test. I'm talking to the haemato-onc tomorrow so I'll see what she has to say (if anything).

If you are enrolled in the LLS study they will send you to LabCorp for two tests. The first tells whether you have any antibodies from the virus. As far as I know this is not relevant to those of us who have B cell diseases, mine is WM or Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia, which is a close cousin to CLL/SLL and am not on Ibrutinib or Venetoclax at this time. What is important is whether the body is making antibodies in response to the vaccine. I had Moderna in January and February and had the SARS COV 2 Semi-Quant Ab test in late March. The test for the COVID virus antibodies was negative, but the Semi-Quant test was >250. It came with an explanation:

SARS-CoV-2 Semi-Quant Total Ab >250 U/mL <0.80

Antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein receptor binding domain (RBD) were detected. It is yet undetermined what level of antibody to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein correlates to immunity against developing symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 disease. Studies are underway to measure the quantitative levels of specific SARS-CoV-2 antibodies following vaccination. Such studies will provide valuable insights into the correlation between protection from vaccination and antibody levels.

Interpretation: Negative <0.80 Positive >0.79

Since this is in the early gathering stage it will be more interesting to see what the results are in the future rather than the single snapshot in time from the initial test results. I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with my Hematologist about the reults.

Yes I had one done two weeks after my Pfizer shot. I have been on alacabrutinib for 6 years and got a positive test result of 870. Mine was ordered by OSU for a study.

My results from the US LLS testing which was the spike was negative and <.40, I have been on Alacabrutinib for a year and previously Ibrutinib 14 months. It makes sense to me if our first response is B cells and they are what our issue is. Crippled and making blanks. I didn't sign up for the T cell test because you had to have your health records turned over to the LLS and I am afraid of all the hacking going on. I had the Moderna vaccine. I wonder if the type of vaccine makes the difference.

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