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classes of drugs for cll

Please tell me if i'm wrong or need more info. I listed these because they seem different enough from each other with how they work. I used one example of each-sure many others go with them

1.covalent BKI- ibrutinib

2. non covalent BKI- loxo-305

3. BCI-2- venetoclax

4. ROR1- circumuzamab

5. monoclonal anti- Gazyva

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I've been interested in anti ROR1 Cirmtuzumab as a possible next drug if venetoclax no longer worked. Pros - long half life of 21 days, low dose, targets only cancer due to the ROR1 is almost exclusively on cancer cells

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Interesting that Kipps talked about the growth of cancer cells as a remnant of an organism's own past. He certainly sounded excited about Cirmtuzumab ...hadn't known of this one before.

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Not sure what you are asking, but here is a recent rundown of the various families of non-hodgkins treatments that looks pretty complete, but I can't attest to that, so don't quote me : - )

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i like yours better than mine-thanks

I started on Ibrutinib in 2015 shorty after diagnosis. Was still working slowly IMO, but when my Dr said the New England Medal Journal had published a study adding Venclexta and results Back in May, I said of course. I started in September and 200 mg in ramp up was great. More energy. But at 400 mg kept waiting to feel good again but didn’t. Soo, went back to 200mg daily and is working for me. I am also on allopurinol to protect kidneys as Venclexta pushed uratic acid up above normal. One week and it’s back in normal range. I will say my sodium has been running just under normal range and we cut back water from 100oz to about 70 oz daily. Sodium stays the same. So for now am enjoying what I have and will stay positive and as always, don’t worry but deal with whatever changes when it comes up. Enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

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