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Imbruvica restrictions and precautions

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My husband was approved to start Imbruvica. I know the doctor will go over this. But what are the restrictions and precautions. Like I know people getting actual chemo have to make sure the flush the toilet twice don’t share cups with saliva can be swapped unprotected sex is a no no. Etc.

Any restrictions for Imbruvica. I know it’s not a “chemo” pill but I can imagine it as some restrictions and precautions.

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I had chemo and you brought up flushing twice. I took it seriously then one day sitting in my chemo chair I realized everyone in the chemo area and their caregivers/visitors used the same bathroom. There were no signs saying flush twice. 😲

As far as your pills, which I didn't take, I wish you a good journey with them! ✨

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CLLWife in reply to GMa27

The only reason I know about the flushing thing is bc my MIL and FIL both went through cancer and my neighbor is a oncology nurse

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GMa27 in reply to CLLWife

I was told it too but when they allow patients and guests use the same bathroom with no instructions about double flush... seemed odd.


Do not drink grapefruit juice. Do not eat grapefruit

Do not eat Seville oranges, often used in making marmalade

The rest is here.

My husband and I are both on Imbruvica and other than certain foods, which you will get a list of we pretty much carry on as normal just using a bit of common sense.

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Imbruvica (ibrutinib) reacts with over 400 drugs and many supplements, so take no new drugs without running it by your CLL specialist first..

GPs and dentists, unknowingly can prescride you drugs that can cause serious issues... so always check first with you hemaetologist.

There is a list of food to avoid, try searching here for it, I have posted it many times. Probiotics might not be advisable if your neutrophils tank and St. John's Wort can cause problems, star friut, pomegranate juice, bergamot, and so on.

Might want to read up on neutropenia as well advance, its not a restrictive a diet as it once was, but foodborne bacterial infections can be serious.

Protected sex is adviseable and double flushes are myths...

~chris 🇨🇦

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Lola69 in reply to Cllcanada

Can i eat the cake batter?

I did and it was yummy

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zaax in reply to Lola69

As long as it doesn't contain what was mentioned above and you really want to.

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starsafta in reply to Lola69

The FDA continues to recommend not eating cake and cookie batter. While admittedly delicious, I think it likely has more to do with the raw egg content.

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Lola69 in reply to starsafta

Yes it does. Gave me cramps but it’s an old childhood habit.

Age 71 & 4-1/2 years on imbruvica for SLL & doing well. I see a dr at MDA twice a year. When my GP suggests vaccines or supplements, I email my specialist at MDA to be sure it's okay.

Good suggestions from all above about restrictions. One area you need to watch would be antibiotics that might be prescribed by your GP or dentist. Some can cause problems. See this link & comments by Cllcanada (@Cllcanada) and others.

Wishing you & your husband decades more together with successful CLL treatment. The future has never looked so good for CLL/SLL patients.


Hi I am on Ibruitnib and have a card I carry from the Flair trial it says no grapefruit, Seville oranges or star fruit. I asked about tonic water given the quinnine content and was told not to drink it.


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Ellieoak in reply to annmcgowan

Dear Ann. My doctor had no problem with me having tonic and gin once in a while. I am not sure why your doctor said not to. Anna

Hi he wouldn’t have if I had not mentioned it. I asked the question as I know quinine affects many meds. and I drink tonic water a lot. I will ask again.

Thank you for your reply and a merry Xmas to you too.


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