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Ibrutinib and Hematomas


Has anyone had issues with developing hematomas while on Ibrutinib?

I started the med on August 28th and almost immediately started bruising from even the tiniest bump...nasty bruises with hard knots in the middle of each bruise. I developed a large hematoma on my right side from bumping against the corner of my desk...it was very painful, red, hot, and swollen. Thought that one was bad until I accidentally popped the back of my right hand against my car door...wow! It has been 3 weeks, and I had to have my hand put in a splint last week to try and help it heal. My fingers are black and blue and still very swollen. My oncologist was so disturbed by what was going on (along with the migrating joint swelling and pain) that she took me off the Ibrutinib and is considering another treatment option. Funny thing...in one week of being off the med, my WCC dropped from 416 down to 88!

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First year on imbruvica I had lots of bruises just from carrying grocery bags and wearing a watch. Going on 3 years soon. Bruises have slowed down but I am more careful too.

Lisa-1959 in reply to Lola69

Bruises from wearing a watch...that is EASY bruising! I am definitely going to have to be more careful to help curb mine!

I have many bruises and hematoma from taking ibrutinib...have been on it for 13 months and the bruising comes and goes mainly in my legs...hate it.

My legs have been the worst as well...the hand was just a very bad place which has been similar to a broken hand with very limited use. Feel for you...


Yes, lots of minor bruising but nothing I could call a haematoma, sounds nasty.

Your lymphs have gone down because they have all gone back into your lymph nodes.

Lisa-1959 in reply to Jm954

I have learned a lot from this forum...thanks for the explanation. My oncologist seems really unsettled by all my side effects...said none of her other patients have been this affected by the ibrutinib. She is on vacation and wants to discuss a different treatment option when I see her in 2 weeks, but I have already made up my mind that I want a 2nd opinion. Also I just discovered last week that the cancer center where I go is an affiliate of MD Anderson which means my doctor can have a peer to peer review with one of their experts.

Thanks for everyone's comments. Was able to get the splint off today, but hand doc says it will be several more weeks before my hand is back to normal.

I fell in April and skinned my knee. The bruise was horrible looking, and the knee took forever to heal. At this point, over 6 months after falling, my knee is still discolored. Not swollen or painful, but is round, and a dark bruise color.

BeckyL USA

Lisa-1959 in reply to BeckyLUSA

Sorry to hear that. I was able to get the splint off my hand on Friday. I still have a sizeable knot with significant bruising, but it is sooo much better. Doc said it would be weeks before it is back to normal. Such odd side effects...

Yes i have bruising with hard knots in center also petechias. Started embruvica thirds week september 2018.

Lisa-1959 in reply to Ginajetta

I know it is easy to say but sometimes hard to do...be extra careful! I was told that side effect would lessen over time, but my oncologist didn't leave me on it long enough to find out.

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