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Sinus surgery

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I have the answer (finally) as to why I have been coughing all day and at night which keeps me awake relating to this 5 month long sinusitis and bronchitis! Apparently all these years I have had the symptoms and attributed it to allergies and it dawned on me I need to look further for answers as allergy pills don't work...The big reveal CHRONICALLY INFECTED/INFLAMMED MAXILLARY SINUSES! I may need surgery but will have to run it by my hematologist and check to see where my IGg level is at after 4 infusions with 2 more to go. Meanwhile the awful wrenching coughing continues and at times it so bad I worry that I will collapse a lung.

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It's good news you've got a diagnosis, just need to plan a way forward now - the tricky bit!

Wishing you all the best.

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Thanks jm954. I guess the way it works is I have to see a surgeon first then he/she will contact my hematologist and then my hematologist will say yay or nay

Wishing you the best, too! So glad it was figured out what was wrong!!!


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Thanks Spacee

Hope you can have the surgery Ladydi or treatment, and look forward to kicking that cough into touch.


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Ladydi49 in reply to Bubnojay

Thanks Bubnjay1...will post updates on this site once I know what's going on

My husband has had chronic sinusitis for years; been on all kinds of antibiotics, rinses, etc. The ear nose throat doctor finally suggested sinus surgery, but the cost, his CLL status, and reports that it might not even help long term kept us from proceeding with that. A year or so ago, he started having intense bronchitis type of coughing, which eventually caused him to pass out, striking his head, which led to hospitalization. Of course we then were wishing he'd gone ahead and had the surgery.

We'd be very interested to know the results, if you have the surgery. Hope it works out well!

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Ladydi49 in reply to thomelk

Thanks thomelk...will post on this site once I know what's going on

I've also had chronic sinusitus for at least the past year. It's gotten to the point that my ears are clogged up and I can't hear. Usually takes two weeks to get an appointment with the ENT. What does the surgery you are considering entail?

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The eent who ordered the CT scan uses a procedure called balloon dilation but I never got to see him...only his nurse practitioner so I went to: and looked him up. There were only 3 reviews 2 of which were unfavorable so I'm looking for another surgeon...will post here with any updates

I had that procedure done about a year and a half ago. My experience is that it worked for about 6 months and then the infections started again. I'm sure everyone's results will vary and hopefully, this will be the answer for you. I must say, my sinuses have remained fairly open since the procedure, so if that's what you're looking for, it's the least invasive step to take. Hope you find a good ENT.

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I would probably have to go under general anesthesia and have a more traditional procedure. My thought about the balloon thing was/is it wouldn't last very long

I have had a nasty cough for over a year. Been to many drs to find that the pulmonologist found something growing in my lungs and put me on antibiotics. Helped for a while but came back then oncology said enlarged lymph nodes in back of my throat. Nothing to do and hopefully will dissipate with CLL treatment. All I do lately is suck on halls cough drops that come in the yellow bag. Really tired of that all day every day but also have no real solution. About a week on Ibrutiniv now.

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