CLL and sinus

I am ww stage 0. I have been surrounded be sick people for the last few weeks. My husband, daughter, and sis, all have sinus and respiratory infections and allergies.. I did pretty will warding it off for a while. A few days ago woke up with a plugged up head and a lot of drainage and stuffiness in my nose. I am so mad because I have not gotten sick since. Try to be so careful.

I was diagnosed in 2014! Guess my day has come. I wondered what you do for your sinus. I hate taking lots of meds if I can help it. So far I am using a saline spray, neti pot, tea and honey, hot showers and Tylenol for a whopping headache, also using a vaporizer at night. It is worse in the morning. I just started augmentinin. I hav fluticasone propionate nasal spray but not real happy about using it. I have passed so far.

I have checked out some of the posts from the past but would sure like to hear what any of you do for this. Thank you so much. I sure don't know what we would do with out the good people here on this site.



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12 Replies

  • Maria,

    Maybe you just have a cold. How long have you been sick?

    If it's more, this is what my doc did for me and it worked. My ENT prescribed Flonase for me. It has worked wonders. I would suggest you try it. I don't know why you passed on it. I know that you can get this over-the-counter. He prescribes it for me because it is cheaper that way with insurance.

    It has absolutely kept me out of the doctors office. I use half the prescribed dose. One spray each nostril once a day.

    If I need more than that I use Ipratropium bromide nasal spray too as a drying agent. Also prescribed by my ENT

    I was constantly sick and on antibiotics and prednisone

    I was told this was all CLL related by him. I never had sinus issues before. If I get lax and miss a dose I get a constant post nasal drip.


  • Jeff,

    I guess fluticasone is Flonase, dumb me! I will try it tonight. Thank you for your opinion. Like you I haven't had sinus problems for many years. I was given steroid shots in my nose at that time (years ago) and it cured it after many years of antibiotics. This is the first time after probably 40 years! I will try 1 squirt on each side like you said. Thanks so much!


  • Hi Maria

    I suggest you ask your GP or ENT doctor to run a fungal swab/culture. Fungal infections are more common in CLL than most people and doctors often miss this as a cause of persistant sinus problems.

    Perhaps also have your immunoglobulin counts tested, because your IgA, the mucosal antibody producer, may be low... and while IgA counts can not be augmented, infusions of a pooled blood product, immunoglobulin G or IVIG, can greatly improve the situation...


  • Chris,

    I tried to get my ENT to run a fungal swab but he wouldn't because he didn't see any need for it in your nose! He said that is not an area that you would get a fungal infection. I went through my CLL story to no avail. Some times talking to these drs. is like talking to a brick wall. I WILL ask my Hematologist at next visit. Thank you as always for you advice it is truly appreciated.


  • Maria,

    I just reread your post. You've only been sick a couple of days and you're on a strong antibiotic. If this is the first time you're sick hopefully you will be fine.


  • Thanks Jeff, you stay healthy too. Maria

  • Hope all is well and you feel better!

  • Thank you very much Kaycab.

  • Hi Maria,

    Could your sinus problems be due, at least partly, to an allergy? I expect you've already thought of that, but it's the hay fever season now (in some parts of the world - not sure where you are), so it's possible that anti-histamines might help...

    Hope you find something that helps..


  • Hi Paula, I went to my GP today and she said to stay on augmentin and said it is sinus and more than likely allergies. I am flonase. She said to really drink a lot of fluids and I am. Tea and chicken soup are coming out of my ears! Thanks for you thoughts.


  • Hello! I was diagnosed the same year, I'm also in the same WW stage! I've had seasonal allergies my adult life but maybe once a year? I work with kids so I'm always around runny noses and coughs! It scares me all the time. I've had a sinus infection 3 times since the beginning of the year...don't know if this has anything to do with CLL. But I agree with the person who mentioned the Flonaise! It works! I also you Claritin D for the worst days. Other than that I've recovered quite fast. I'm learning not to worry so much, that's the worst part of this whole thing for me!

  • Hi Gmameme, I used Flonase last night and it did help. I am only using it once a day for now. I am working on getting rid of this headache. I have become the Tylenol Queen. LOL. Hot showers seem to help some. The Dr. said today that all she is seeing is the same thing. Sinus and allergies. I just don't want it to get into my chest. I am guessing that you are called Meme by your grandkids, I am too! Thanks so much for your post. Stay well.


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