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"there has been a further reduction in the presence of the disease and limited evidence of any residual disease"

So said my consultant this week! 6 cycles of FCR totally worth it to get this news. No more blood thinning injections, and he also said that I would not need chemo again but would have Ibrutinib if I needed more treatment in the future. WBC still low so got to be careful, but definitely a good week.

For this community what he said about being positive was the most important thing to share though - he said that I was so positive, interested and proactive in my approach that it had to have made some kind of difference. So stay positive everyone and ask LOTS of questions!!

Have a good weekend!

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So happy for you and what a compliment from your medic! Time to live life to the full (with care) and I'm sure you will.

As I said before - Go Matt!!

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Fantastic! Well done. Lots of good news regarding FCR this week! These posts are keeping me going as it’s day 3 of my first FCR cycle and I’m feeling yucky! But just reading this has perked me up. Thank you.


Congratulations Matt! Great news!


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That is great news Matt and I was told similar about having Ibrutinib next time around.

I managed 5 rounds of FCR and an extra one for R. But I have bone marrow suppression so that has put a dampner on it for me. But my consultant's last letter also said "She has obtained complete remission from CLL."

I will celebrate when my WBC, RBC and platelets all go up! Holly


What fabulous news! Time to celebrate 🎉🎉🎉



While we all hope for remission to last indefinitely, please don't become complacent as the new wears off of this wonderful outcome. Be just as vigilant in recovery as you were after diagnosis. Thanks for sharing!


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