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ROR1 Update

Does anyone know if there are any preliminary results from any of the clinical trials involving ROR1? From what I understand, ROR1 is found on 90% or so if CLL and very little on healthy cells. I heard there is an anti-ROR1 medication in at least one clinical trial, and another trial is being planned to combine the anti-ROR1 medication with another medication to provide a synergistic effect. It seems very promising, but I was wondering if any preliminary results are available from single agent study using the anti-ROR1 medication. Thanks.

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The monoclonal is called cirmtuzumab (ROR1) and it is starting early trials with combinations...

Here is the latest from August 2017




Here is the clinical trial which should open later this fall


MDAnderson has an ROR1 CAR T cell and I recall they have treated one patient... these trials are very early




It looks like the combo is Ibrutinib and cirmtuzamab.

Hopefully, venetoclax is next.



I remember Chaya @ CLLTopics.org speaking about ROR-1 with CAR-T and remember it made sense to me the way she explained how U of Penn's T-Cells targeted B-cells with CD19 meaning it attacked healthy B-cells too, whereas with the ROR-1 approach @ MD Anderson the target was only cancer cells. I'm sure it's not as simple as my takeaway, that MDA's method was superior, but I remember I wanted to follow the ROR-1 approach. In any case it sounds like things didn't all go smoothly @ MDA since she wrote this in 2012 & as you say it's still very early.



Thank you so much for the detailed response. You answered my question. I pulled up the study and it states:

“Study Status Not Accepting”. Do you know what “not accepting” means? Does that mean the study has been terminated? Thanks again for all the info. :)


Not sure.. I think its in limbo with a rethink taking place... just my guess...

If it was terminated it would say that...


After looking up cirmtuzumab & finding the Kipp's quote I shared with you, I realized why his quote is included on the company website - he's the one directing its clinical trials. I noticed he directed a prior (ongoing) study with dates of 2014 to 2017 for cirmtuzumab monotherapy. Perhaps they're waiting for that one to end before starting the combination trial (despite showing start date of Aug. 2017). I'd contact alphastemcellclinic@ucsd.edu to get all your questions answered.

Funny but being possibly close to treatment, I decided to search the other day for combination therapy trials and the only one I found with previously untreated subjects eligible was also at UCSD - an Imbruvica/Gazyva trial. I corresponded back and forth with them and they were very helpful.

- gene


I am anxious to find out what the results are. I think I will contact them. Thank you.


All the Phase 1 data is available...



Thank you. That is what I was looking for. :)


There's another ror1 small molecule coming but won't go into phase one til next year the way it looks. Interesting read anyway and apparently they are now testing against solid tumours too (still in mice though). They have previously done some tests together with MD Anderson against ror1-bearing cancer cells in Richter's. I know this is not what the question was but I still find this very interesting and thought you might too. This link doesn't seem to work on phones - or maybe just my phone - just computors. feed.ne.cision.com/wpyfs/00...

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Might try this link,,


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Thank you so much. I am very interested in learning about all the new meds that are being researched. 🙂


I recently saw Dr. Choi of UC San Diego speak on this. Big picture the ROR1 anti-body has done well in the first safety clinical trials. The results are good but the goal was more for safety so the strength is still to be determined . Juno out of Seattle is supposed to be closer on a car – T trial with ROR1 anti-body .

The Car-t trial I see as very exciting given that it would only theoretically attack cancer cells

Also UC San Diego is supposed to be starting a trial with Imbruica plus the ROR1 antibiotic .


Thank you. I appreciate your response. Is Dr. Choi your doctor?


Yes, He is a good guy!

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