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Fertility after FCR

I am aware that most people with CLL are of an age where they are past thinking of having children but I was wondering if anyone with CLL who has had FCR has gone onto to have children naturally or with IVF? I have recently got married and having a baby 'was' our next dream until treatment of FCR was commenced. Does anyone know how long you should wait following treatment before trying for a baby? My consultant doesn't seem to want to address this question just yet and he is aware that I am desperate for children. I have 8 fertilised eggs frozen just incase FCR does effect my fertility. Any knowledge on this would be very much appreciated.

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FCR can effect fertility... this is something you should discuss with a fertility specialist, versed in oncology treatment side effects.

More on FCR...


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Thank you for the link. I will give it a read.


Hi I was 38 when I was diagnosed and even though I already had 3 children I did explore this. It's great you've got embryos frozen as it can impact your fertility although I did find a few women who had conceived naturally after FCR. I was told they could stop me ovulating while having treatment as this is when the damage is done. When it came down to it I decided not to do any preventative methods as I wasn't desperate for more. Children (just like a lot of women my age didn't like the idea of not being able to have them). I had 3 cycles of FCR a year ago and my menstrual cycle wasn't affected and, following tests, I've been told I am still fertile. I was told you should wait 6 months after treatment finishes before trying to conceive. I hope that helps and good luck with your treatment (still the best thing I've done as I feel so well). Best wishes, Deb


Thanks Debinmelbourne for your reply, I have read lots of the experts advice but its nice to also hear from someone who has actually experienced it. Its encouraging to know that I might not even have to use the eggs I have stored but they are there as a back up plan just in-case. I find it so frustrating that I will have to put trying a baby on hold for a year, although there is good reason behind it as at the end of the day the aim is for me to be healthy and to have a healthy baby. Its just bad timing that we were about to start trying for a family when the Dr told me we need to start looking at treatment. I nearly decided not to start treatment and try and have a baby first however the Dr told me he didn't feel I had enough time to do that safely. I guess I need to keep focused on the reason behind why I need to wait 6months post chemo rather than focus on the desperation to have a baby.


Hi Its best to get fit and well again before starting a family but good luck with both.


I went through 5 rounds of FCR which ended in june 2012.

In march 2013 i was pregnant (not planned but ok) my husbond and I tanlked to the specialist which I consult regarding my CLL. She contacted a lot of different doctors both in Tvis country and other countries.

All recomended ending the pregnancy.

Their arguments where several different things. One that there should have been minimum 18-24 months from ending treatment.

And they where afraid that even though my CLL was in complete remission that it would show its face again. And if this did not happen, they where affraid of infections during the pregnancy.

We chose to follow their advice.

And the time from march 2012 to end 2013 has been hard. I have had alot of sideeffects from the threatment and has no working immunesysteme etc etc

I did some research my self and found that there where notes of 3 pregnancies with CLL. All gave healthy babies but did rarely turn out good for the mothers.

I hope you Can find a doc which Can advice you

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