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FR treatment 4 of 6

I just finished my 4th of 6 treatments of FR. The recovery is longer each weekend after treatment. The first month I was sick for a day. The second round a couple of days. Treatment 3 took me out the entire weekend and Monday. The 4th round... has been miserable. I spend the weekend in bed as well as Monday. I am not looking forward to next month, other than being one month closer to being done.

I try to plan for it, but it is like planning for the flu, abdominal pain and extreme fatigue. I wondered if the Neulasta that I have on day 5 to help with white blood cell stimulation. I spoke with my hematologist / oncologist and this is normal. Just two more treatments and I will be done, for a while.

Outside of the week of treatment and avoiding sunshine, (due to antibiotic therapy), I typically do not feel sick. I have some fatigue, but no more than anyone else who works and has responsibilities at home. The most difficult part has really been the decision to have chemotherapy. While I am not the typical patient or presentation of CLL. My white blood cell count was decreasing and got down to 1.5 and my ANC was 0.9 (this was really what helped me decide to pursue treatment)

All of this is a great reminder of what and why I am doing this. Thank you all for those who have written and encourage others.

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Like you I had a rough patch after round 4 of FR, and things leveled out for 5 and 6.

After treatment, it was like a strong wind cleared a 14 year fog of sickness and mind numbing fatigue. I truly felt 20 years younger.

Take care of yourself and off-load some responsibilities where you are able.

Hang tough... nearly over...



Chris, Thanks for the encouragement.

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Thanks for the update Lorna47.

Keep going, you've done well so far and you're almost there.


Thank you for sharing, Lorna. I have just started FR. Will go in for 2nd cycle next week. Like you, the most difficult part for me was the decision to do chemo. But I was up against a wall with severe anemia and neutropenia. I hope you will post future reports. Good luck!


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You're doing great. It's the F, Fludera causing the extreme fatigue. The chest and bone pain is the NEULASTA shot. Or it was for my husband. God bless you to go into a fantastic remission.

You're one step closer to being finished.

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If you are dealing with bone pain from the neulasta ask about taking Claritin (loratidine) before and a few days after the shot. It seems to help many.


Thanks for the information. Not quite sure if it is bone pain. It's more of a flu type feeling, body aches and complete fatigue.


Hi: I have had 4 out of 6 treatments of FR and did fairly well although I did experience fatigue and chills. However my platelets have fallen to 75 and now the docs are thinking of stopping the rest of the treatment. They will do a CT scan to see where the disease is at, and get a base line. If there is still strong evidence of the disease they will continue with FR if my platelets drop otherwise may switch to Ibrutinbib. If there is good progress and platelets still low they will cease the FR and go back to monitoring me. My WCB and ALC have returned from almost 400 to normal.


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