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Atrial fibrillation in patients with CLL - wondering about chest pains around/after diagnosis?

Having experienced what my GP calls "cardiac events" (and wondering in my medical ignorance if reduced oxygen supply in CLL increases my risk) I found this article interesting, and wonder if anyone else has had chest pains before or after being diagnosed.

Apparently my heart is fine, although there was a dismissive mention of very minor irregularities, and I am on precautionary 0.75mg Aspirin. The "events" occur either during acute stress, or when I've pushed myself a bit to get something done. On one occasion it occurred after playing a computer game for over an hour, at the point where my game character died!

I usually take Nitromin if it's painful, and lie down, during which time I can "make it go away" by relaxing deeply, and possibly sleeping/dozing.


The photo is our back garden, which we barely manage! Thought it might be interesting to add a personal touch to my post.

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Lovely photo, I could sit on the shaded end of that bench for hours...πŸ˜€

I have A.fib, and it was picked up on a thing called a holter monitor, that you wear for a day or two...

I suggest you request a referal to a cardiologist, GPs aren't up to snuff on this subject, believe me.

I recenly switched cardilogist and now have a Cardio/oncologist...they specialize in treatment related heart damage... which I have.

That paper my Dr. Shanefelt from the Mayo is excellent.

Its good to have a cardiologist and a history with CLL, because many treatments effect heart function, sometimes temporarily, and less often permanently.

Any chance for an cuppa tea.?



LOL Chris, you'd be welcome to have a pot of my favourite gunpowder green leaf tea (I'm almost addicted to it!) and sit in the shade (I also dislike direct sunlight)!

I've been checked by cardiology, but not had the monitor. I'm seeing my GP on Monday and he's pretty switched on about this, so I might ask. Those episodes only happen about twice a year max, so unlikely to catch the actual event, but worth checking I guess.

It's the treatment-related issues I want to pre-empt, so thanks for sharing that.


Hi deveritt,

Like Clicinada I fancy your shaded seat.

A temporary monitor would probably be a good idea since until I had one for a week I had no idea that I had Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation.

I now have an implanted monitor and the cardiologist reports occasional fluctuations which I am normally unaware of. I also have bouts of pericarditis which gives chest pains a bit like indigestion.

It's good that there are now cardio/ oncologists that Clicinada refers to to investigate the link between CLL / treatment / PAF or heart problems.

I hope that they can resolve your condition soon.


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Thanks for that - my shady seat is becoming popular! I didn't know about pericarditis, will look into it. This has all given me pause for thought about what might actually be the issue.


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