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"New blood cancer study announces 'outstanding' results"

This discusses the results from trials over the last three years, carried out by a group headed by my former consultant: www2.le.ac.uk/news/blog/201...

Some funding is from Gilead, as disclosed in this interview: medicalresearch.com/author-...

Quotes from the press release:


“This current paper describes the long term follow up and shows that in patients with CLL the remissions are durable and associated with no new toxicities. Furthermore, in collaboration with Sistemas Genomicos, a company in Valencia, we have shown that mutations associated with aggressive disease respond well to treatment with ONO/GS-4059.

“Our long term follow up shows maintained efficacy without toxicity. This study is the first report of long term follow-up of a selective BTK inhibitor – and it is excellent news for patients.

“The results we are presenting are based on an international clinical study involving the UK, France, Japan and US – and led by Leicester.

This was a Phase 1 clinical study which means the researchers are in the early stages of testing the drug’s effectiveness.

“We are now doing studies of ONO/GS-4059 in combination with other precision medicines to assess whether these results can be enhanced in patients with CLL and other B cell malignancies.”



Photo: from the Dyer Group website: tox.mrc.ac.uk/research/dyer...

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