I have enjoy reading this site for a while, this is first post. Anyone have experience with Alpha Lipoic Acid?

I have been treated for CLL for 10 years now, chemo until a year and a half ago when I started Imbruvica. I had some neuropathy the last few years and now feet pain is much worse. I take gabapentin for the nerve pain. I was wondering about taking Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements. Anybody have experience with that.


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  • Don't have the experience you ask for but I have recently read an article from investigation into how cll cells gain energy from fatty acids.

    Before taking any supplements like the one proposed I would seek advice from your medical team to ensure you are not feeding the little blighters.

  • I took magnesium supplement 360 mg and drank tonic water and it seems to work for me when the cramps and aches start

  • Tonic water might impact your platelets... its generally not recommend in CLL.

  • Surely Chris I've not got to rob myself of my gin and tonic now?!😀

  • Chris,

    What's up with tonic water?


  • It contains quinine... and a lot of sugar


  • Fascinating. You are a plethora of information. 😃

  • Hi Nra

    I've never tried Alpha Lipoic Acid ... but you have my sympathy with the Neuropathy in your feet ... later I had a bout of shingles which led to post herpetic neuralgia setting up home in my foot and robbed me of the little mobility I had.

    ygtgo ( You Gotta Go Oww! )

  • Ouch,you have my sympathy. My problem is not so bad

  • Ouch, I'll accept ...

    I hope that we can agree on ... WE gtgo ...

  • I tried alpha lipoic acid after having a bout of peripheral neuropathy but only two days of pills caused considerable bowel upset both days. Research shows it might be helpful for PN and has few side effects. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the reply. I don't need any more of that.

  • I had severe sciatica due to a herniated disc and tried taking an Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement for a month or two and it had no effect, good or bad, on my sciatica. I ended up having surgery for the disc problem and my pre-op exam for surgery is what revealed my CLL.

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