Glad I found this group

Hi! My name is Deana and I was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 40. In 2010 I had my first round of chemo and had a reaction to Rituxan but continued on with the other two. I have been on IVIG consecutively for the last year but no chemo since 2010. Numbers are going crazy now but praying they stay somewhat under control for now.

So glad to be able to share with people that understand!


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7 Replies

  • Hi Deana!

    So glad that you found this group, as they are an amazing bunch of people! They will always try to help with any question that you may have and also share their experience with you. Never feel afraid to ask a question to this group! Welcome!

  • hi Deana,

    Welcome to the group - glad you found us! Sounds like your chemo in 2010 worked very well, as you haven't needed any more treatment since then. But it's hard when after so many years, our bloods start to go crazy again. Sometimes that happens and then things calm down again, but as I'm sure you know, CLL is very unpredictable.

    If you do need more treatment it is unlikely to be chemo again, but some of the newer, less toxic drugs. But for now, we hope and pray that numbers will stay under control...

    You certainly are with folk here who understand...

    Best wishes,

    Paula (in Sheffield, England)

  • Welcome Deana, always good to know who else is a member! Hopefully all will settle down for you but at least there are new medications evolving for us now that have high success rates.

    UK Marc

  • Thanks it's really nice to here other people's story's I'm getting my head round this after 2. Yrs of craziness and so is my partner bless her

  • Welcome Deana. This group is so supportive and so knowledgeable so ask anything that concerns you. Someone will come along with an answer - or just support.

  • Just to say welcome Deana and I hope that as Paula has just said that things settle down for you again soon.There is such a lot of new treatments now that if you have to have some more it will be easier than chemo .

  • Hi Deana. Welcome to the family. Wishing you strength & good fortune.

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