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Hi all, I was diagnosed 4 years ago now, still on w&w + 3 weekly IVIG transfusions, & nave been suffering for years with arthritis in my right thumb (I am right handed, which makes this a pain). A friend tells me his arthritic pain has much reduced after using a magnetic bracelet. I am keen to try, but wondered if anyone has any knowledge or experience of these in conjunction with our condition?

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  • I suffer with arthritis too Alan and it's particularly bad in my hands. I know of people who swear by the power of magnetic bracelets but in honesty I think it's more the power of the mind than any proven scientific benefit from wearing them. You may find this useful. It mentions previous research in which they found no proven benefit for people with osteo-arthritis too. An extract;

    With magnets, “The basic idea is that magnets placed against the skin influence the circulation of iron in the blood, which helps deliver nutrients to the joints,” explains Richmond. “Again, the more you look into these theories, the more you realize that they are just bunkum: Iron in the blood is not ferromagnetic [attracted to magnets], and commercially available magnetic wrist strap will not alter blood flow. If such theories were valid, the human body would explode when placed in a MRI machine. Thankfully, this doesn't happen.”

    I'm happy to be proven wrong however! :-)


  • I have arthritis and joint pain that is worsening. I find Tylenol Arthritis 650mg helpful - most of the time I can take just one tablet with some relief - don't want to depend on pain meds - last weekend went to craft fair - forgot to take one but joints really painful - had to take 2 when I got home. On Ibrutinib. I don't believe in magnet therapy but some find the placebo effect helpful. Take care and feel better. Carole

  • Thanks very much New dawn, very much makes sense to me,, I'd take a bit of power of the mind relief, if it works I'll let you know!

  • My grandchildren once gifted me with a wrap around magnetic bracelet that they bought in Wyoming. It was decorative as well as novel. Since I do have arthritis in my fingers, I wondered if it would help. Nothing happened with the arthritis, but I did find that it affected my heart beat and caused a general feeling of dis-ease. Stopped wearing it, and my heart returned to its normal beat.

  • The opposite if a placebo is a nocebo. Really!

  • Wow, that's worrying, thank very much Starsafta

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