Ibrutinib Resistance


I've posted a summary of a new article from the International Journal Cancer Therapy and Oncology about ibrutinib resistance in CLL in the Beyond the Basics section of our website. You can access it here:http://cllsociety.org/2017/04/beyond-ibrutinib-resistance-cll/.

In Chicago for an online health advocacy meeting. Philly the day before a CLL patient forum. Ireland next week for the first meeting of CLL Ireland

And in between, seeing all my family practice patients

It’s a bit crazy, but great stuff.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.




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  • Doc,

    The hyperlink doesn't work. However, the one at the bottom of the post directing me to CLL Society does.

    Great article. What is the incidence or percentage transforming? Is it small?


  • Risks are small, but are increasing as we with CLL are living longer so something else gets us.

  • Thanks Doc. 👍🏻

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