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Taking our shoes off at the door


Happy Easter and Passover.

To lighten things up, I wrote an article on the science of removing shoes before entering our homes.

Take a look at here:

Hope to see some of you on Cherry Hill NJ on this Thursday for a patient conference with Dr. Mato from U Penn on CLL in 2017: State of the Art Management from a Patient’s Perspective. See:

I then will be in Chicago for a conference of online health advocates for all sorts of disease.

Hope we can connect in person.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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A habit that we have followed for years.

We have a dog and, even though it looks like all of the doggie drops have been collected, there is always something left. Multiply that up in a local park where hundreds of people walk daily and I imagine its essentially a carpet of invisible poo. Certainly dont want traces of that on my carpets, which are vacuumed regularly and washed about once every four months. Grandchildren roll on the floor and theres always someone who'd rather sit on the floor. We even have a separate tray with garden shoes. Is it overkill? I don't know but it quickly becomes an easy habit to follow and one less source of infection for me.


I have trained my dogs to take a shower when they get home.

Happy Ostara.


Happy Easter, Dr. Koffman! Thank you for your systematized information


Best regards.



Will the seminar be available by web? The survey has been deactivated - Is the conference full?

Thank you!

- Diana


Probably will not be recorded. The attendance was capped at 105 and closed, but I am sure there will be no shows if you want to come.

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Thank you, Dr K.

You will have a great conference - Penn Perelman's CLL expert - Dr Anthony Mato is an excellent teacher. I'm lucky to have him as part of my care team. The staff presenting with Dr Mato have also contributed to my well being and have been quickly responsive when I had questions or concerns.

I do wish the conferences were made available by webinar. The one you did with Drs Pagel & Jones was excellent in every way.

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Thank you for the article Dr Koffman! We all leave our shoes by the front door. Glad to hear how important it is!


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